Qwest has formulated this Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") in order to encourage the responsible use of Qwest's networks, systems, services, web sites and products (collectively, the "Qwest Network and Services") by our customers and other users of the Qwest Network and Services (collectively, "Users"), and to enable us to provide Users with secure, reliable and productive services. By using the Qwest Network and Services, Users consent to be bound by the terms of this AUP. Qwest reserves the right to modify this AUP in its discretion at any time. Such modifications will be effective when posted. Any use of the Qwest Network and Services after such modification shall constitute acceptance of such modification.

Suspension; Termination. Any User which Qwest determines to have violated any element of this AUP may be subject to a suspension or termination of service. Qwest will suspend service for violation of the AUP on the most limited basis as Qwest determines is reasonably practical under the circumstances to address the underlying violation. Qwest will attempt to notify Customer prior to suspending service for violation of the AUP (which may be via email or any other notification); provided, however, Qwest may suspend service without notice if Qwest becomes aware of a violation of any applicable law or regulation or activity, including but not limited to a violation of the AUP, that exposes Qwest to criminal or civil liability or that exposes the Qwest network or Qwest customers' network or property to harm. Such harm to a network may include, but is not limited to, risk of having an IP address placed on blacklists. Qwest may take such further action as Qwest determines to be appropriate under the circumstances to eliminate or preclude repeat violations, and Qwest shall not be liable for any damages of any nature suffered by any Customer, User, or any third party resulting in whole or in part from Qwest's exercise of its rights under this AUP.

Prohibited Conduct.

Responsibility for Content. Qwest takes no responsibility for any material created or accessible on or through the Qwest Network and Services. Qwest is not obligated to monitor such material, but reserves the right to do so. Qwest will not exercise any editorial control over such material. In the event that Qwest becomes aware that any such material may violate this AUP and/or expose Qwest to civil or criminal liability, Qwest reserves the right to block access to such material and suspend or terminate any User creating, storing or disseminating such material. Qwest further reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and third parties in the investigation of alleged wrongdoing, including disclosing the identity of the User that Qwest deems responsible for the wrongdoing.

Violations of this AUP may be reported at the following link: abuse@qwest.net.

Revised 01-30-09

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