Bhasha Mukherjee is a model. She won the crown of Miss England in 2014. Along with being a model, she is very intelligent. He is also a doctor based in the United Kingdom. Bhasha Mukherjee is of Indian origin but after her family moved to England she took her nationality... Bhasha Mukherjee is from Kolkata located in West Bengal. She was born in Kolkata, Bhasha Mukherjee is still in England but she never forgets Kolkata, whenever she gets a chance, she comes to Kolkata. The childhood of the Bhasha has gone to Kolkata. The Bhasha has been spent in Kolkata for 6 years. When the Bhasha was 6 years old, his parents came to the UK and the same Bhasha had to go to England since then the Bhasha is in England. Bhasha never forgets India because of her childhood in India. Whenever there is a chance, she comes to India with her family shows her love for India.

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