This is a legal and binding contract between Babe to Boss LLC and the Client listed below.


4634 Campbell ST, Kansas City, MO 64110


Name: Jordan Gill

Company: Systems Saved Me Summit


Friday | June 2nd | 2017 | 5:15PM CT

Please understand…

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I’ll always do our best to meet your needs and meet your expectations. So far all of our projects have run smoothly without any problems. However, if something does come up, it’s important that we have things written down so that we both know what’s what, who should do what and when, and what will happen if something goes wrong. This contract is designed to ensure we are both protected from any unexpected circumstances. You won’t find any tricky or complicated legal terms or long passages of unreadable text. We have no desire to trick you into signing something that you might regret later. I want to keep it as simple and as real as possible to prevent any major headaches!

So in short;

You, are hiring Babe to Boss LLC to conduct: simple branding, promotional graphics (FB banner, square images for IG and FB, simple logo with ability to "flicker" for a total of, $830 which we discussed over the phone (zoom) and the design proposal sent via email.


YOU: You have authority to enter into this contract on behalf of yourself, your business, and/or your brand. You agree to provide me with everything that I need to complete each project including text, images, and any other information when I need it and in the proper format. Deadlines work two ways, so you’ll also be bound by any dates we set together.

BTB: I have the experience and ability to do everything offered on our website and/or media kit. I agree to do all the work in a professional and timely manner. However, I am not responsible for missed launches or deadlines if you have been late in supplying materials, approving materials. On top of this, I will maintain the confidentiality of everything you give me.


Design + Development

This contract is good for all project(s) we discussed and outline in our actual-consultation. As well as any future projects. At any time during the process you are not happy with the design(s) the 50% initial pay will be kept by Babe to Boss LLC . All designs prior are ours and copyrighted and can no longer be used by you, your brand, and/or business.

Text Content

I am not responsible if the text you provided has been stolen or has copyright issues. I am not responsible for writing or editing any text unless specified in our actual-consultation. If you’d like me to write or edit new content for you, we can provide a separate estimate for that.

I ask the all copies of text be supplied by the Clients via email in MS Word DOC.


You should supply graphic files in an editable digital format. You should supply photographs in a high resolution digital format. If you chose to use stock photos make sure you have the licenses and permission to use them as we are not responsible for any backlash or charges. If you chose to buy stock photos, I can recommend great places to purchase them. If you’d like me to search for stock photos for you, I can provide a separate estimate for that as well.


Graphics: Payments must be paid in full via PayPal invoice in order to get the project started.

VA Services: Payment must be paid in full and on the day or days we've agreed upon via Paypal Invoice.

Full Package: Right after we have our consultation and agree to move forward, you must pay at least 50% of the total estimated cost via a PayPal invoice to get started and the remainder of the amount once the project is complete.

Once Babe to Boss LLC has completed your end product and all items will be sent to you via email and/or DropBox.


If you want prints ordered, stock photography, artwork, and/or any other materials that may be needed for this project, you will pay in advance for these items. No items will be purchased for this project without your approval.

Technical Support

I am not a website hosting company so I don’t offer support for website hosting, email or other services relating to hosting.

Changes and Revisions

I know from experience that fixed-price contracts are rarely beneficial to you, as they often limit you to your earliest ideas. I don’t want to limit your ability to change your mind. The price at the beginning of this contract is based on the length of time I estimate I’ll need to accomplish everything you’ve told me you want to achieve, but I’m happy to be flexible. If you want to change your mind or add anything new, that won’t be a problem as I’ll provide a separate estimate for that.


Graphics: No refund policy.

VA Services: If you wish to cancel, it MUST be done a month before your scheduled next payment.

Full package: If you wish to cancel this project before any part of the main design for each project is finished, ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork Babe to Boss LLC designed will be retained and the 50% initial pay will be kept by Babe to Boss LLC .

Third Party or Client Page Modification

Some Clients will desire to independently edit or update their website or blog after completion of the site. Note however, Babe to Boss LLC is not responsible for any damage created by the Client or agent of the Client. Any repairs required can be addressed with me at an hourly rate of USD $75

If you decide to work with someone after I have completed your services – remember Babe to Boss LLC still owns copyright and have granted you a license – whoever you decide to work with cannot alter or copy our work in any way. They may add graphics to follow the flow of our existing work and your current brand/business.

Code of Fair Practice

The Client and Babe to Boss LLC agree to comply with the provisions of the Code of Fair Practice (which is in the Ethical Standards section of chapter one, Professional Relationships).


Babe to Boss LLC warrants and represents that, to the best of their knowledge, the work assigned here under is original and has not been previously published, or that consent to use has been obtained on an unlimited basis; that all work or portions thereof obtained through the undersigned form third parties is original or, if previously published, that consent to use has been obtained on an unlimited basis; that the Designer has full authority to make this agreement; and that the work prepared by the Designer does not contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter. This warranty does not extend to any uses that the Client or others may make of the Designer’s product that may infringe on the rights of others. Client expressly agrees that it will hold the Designer harmless for all liability caused by the Client’s use of the Designer’s product to the extent such use infringes on the rights of others.


I can’t guarantee that our work will be error-free and so I can’t be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if you’ve advised me of them. Finally, if any provision of this contract becomes unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision will be deemed severable from this contract and will not affect the validity of any remaining provisions.


I. Babe to Boss LLC does not warrant the functions of the site will meet Client’s expectations of site traffic or resulting business or that the operation of the web pages will be uninterrupted and/or error free. Babe to Boss LLC will not be held responsible for occasional downtime of email or project due to line interruptions and/or other instances beyond our control.

II. The Client agrees that any material submitted for publication will not contain anything leading to an abusive or unethical use of the Web Hosting Service, the Host Server or Babe to Boss LLC .

Abusive and unethical materials and uses include, but are not limited to: pornography, obscenity, nudity, violations of privacy, computer viruses, harassment, illegal activity, spamming, advocacy of illegal activity, and any infringement of privacy.

III. The Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Designer from any claim resulting from the Client's publication of material or use of those materials.

IV. It is also understood that the Designer will not publish information over the Internet which may be used by another party to harm another. The Designer will also not develop a pornography or warez project for the Client. The Designer reserves the right to determine what is and is not pornography.


You agree that all elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork you provide are either owned by you, designed by us for you, or that you have permission to use them.

When your final payment has CLEARED, you will be notified and copyright will be automatically assigned as follows:

  1. You’ll own the visual elements that Babe to Boss LLC has created for this project. We will give you all completed files via email and/or DropBox and we advise you keep them somewhere safe as we are not required to keep copies. You will own all elements of text, images, and data you provide.
  2. Babe to Boss LLC owns the unique combination of these elements that goes into the completed design and we will license them to you, exclusively and in perpetuity, unless we agree otherwise. This basically means you can do whatever you want with these files, but can’t turn around and sell it to Nike or as your own creation. Your full payment, once completed, will automatically allow you to be licensed by us.
  3. We love to show off our work, so we reserve the right, with your permission, to display and link to your project as part of our portfolio and to write about it on websites or other forms.


The action of the sending and receipt of this agreement via electronic method will hold both parties in acceptance of these terms. Babe to Boss LLC as the sender and you, the Client, as recipient. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of both parties. Any changes or modifications thereto must be in writing and signed by both the Client and three house creative.

You can’t transfer this contact to anyone else without our permission. This contract stays in place and need not to be renewed. If for some reason one part of this contract becomes invalid or unenforceable, the remaining parts of it remain in place.

Although the language is simple, the intentions are serious and this contract is a legal document.