A legal cheat-sheet for hackers. Consider "lawyering up" when you have the feeling that you're building something great, to avoid future legal issues.

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Assignment of Copyright

This is a generic document originally sourced online.

IP hackathon-bundle

Contract for hackers who hate contracts

This is a quick and dirty IP agreement to ink down some basic intellectual property arrangements ...

hackathon software IP hackathon-bundle

Founder Collaboration Agreement

Seedhack Collaboration Founders Agreement (by http://www.seedhack.com) is licensed under a Creati...

pre incorporation developer-bundle startup equity IP hackathon-bundle

Founders' Equity Agreement

A sample equity agreement for founders. I make no claims about the usefulness or legal strength o...

pre incorporation startup equity hackathon-bundle

Generic NDA

A standard non-disclosure agreement.

NDA confidentiality hackathon-bundle

Project Completion Form

A form a client can sign to certify a project is complete.

hackathon release software IP hackathon-bundle

Technology Assignment Agreement

A standard technology assignment in which a developer assigns the intellectual property rights ov...

startup new york IP hackathon-bundle technology