Statement Of Work - Web Design - June 07, 2020

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Statement of Work


Jun 7, 2020


BIllroth Hospitals

Job Name

BIllroth Hospitals's Website

Requested by


Datasense Technologies


This project involves the design and development of a web site for use by BIllroth Hospitals. This project will follow the timeline outlined below and does not include ongoing maintenance of the site outside of what may be stated in the scope.

Project Scope

This SOW covers the following activities and deliverables.

  • Theme Design and Development: The theme presented with the proposal will be the basis for the design of the website. There will be a period of revisions and development will start once you have signed off on the design. Once development has started, only minor changes can be made without affecting the scope of the project.
  • Host and Domain Setup: If hosting is required, I will source and set up hosting for the requested domain. Maintenance of the account will fall to BIllroth Hospitals at the conclusion of the project.
  • Wordpress Installation and Setup: I will install and set up the CMS on the domain mentioned above so that is able to maintain the site.
  • Content Entry: I will enter the initial content you provide to me. This will include text and pictures for each page to be created with the initial setup.
  • The pages for the site will include: The objective of this project proposal is to define the project scope of online services of pharmacy and laboratory services Website. A unified application to access the online services offered by Billroth Hospitals The advantage would be simple user interface that is easy to understand by all type of users. .Website should be compatible with all platform of desktop, tab, mobile browsers with mobile app for Andorid and IOS. Background The purpose of this document is to define the features of the online services for Pharmacy and lab Website. Here Visitors can see the publicly available features such as browse products, view details of products (Size, Colour and Cost), and view other static contents of site. Registered User can view all publicly available features and in addition to this they can purchase the products by adding them into shopping cart. Admin can manage all the contents and Orders from the Backend (admin side) Types of Users of the website are: Visitors Customers (Registered Member) Admin
  • The features of the site will include: The application consists of following main things: The application consist of the following main things Design goal View home banner or show gallery Browse products View product details View faq Become a member through registration process, with two factor authentications View static pages Registered Member/Patient Panel Login to Site Mange Account My Profile My Order Buy Product(Checkout) Logout Admin Panel Login Dashboard Administrator User Management Site Member(Patient) customer Management Product(Medicines, supplements ,medical devices, Lab Order, Packages, Offers) Attribute Management Product Management Banner Management Order Manager Shipping Management Front-end Views website logo, Banners r logo which are integrated with homepage View list of prodcuts available with details link Prodcut title Image View links for login and signup Clicking of any link user will navigate the particular page Product Display Common search for all prodcuts Search based product listing Product title / image Features of selected prodcuts Price chart / price tagging along with prodcut description / promo code selection / discout option Prescription upload option View cart Display the added items in cart with small prodcut image ,sub total, shipping ammout Link to update / checkout Link to see entire added items View cart items (if added aything will show list of items those are being purchased with the quantity and total price of those ordered) Remove prodcut from cart Update quantity and re-calculate sub total User login Page will allow user to enter the website by adding login details created during registration Enter email address and password login / otp on regitered mobile umber Forgot password link / reset password New user / signup link Registration: This section allows New Users to create new registration account on the Site After creating login, the Customer enters the account with authenticated username and password and can perform the following tasks: My Account Personal Information Change Name, Login, E-mail Address, or Password Manage Address Information My Orders View all Orders View order no/ order date/ amount/ quantity View Status (In Process, Shipped, Open, Rejected) History/Receipts View Details of all the orders made View order id, status, date ordered Link to re-Order Last Order Displays the last order made/ Link to reorder and reset quantity/ View Order Tracking/ Enter Order Number/ View Shopping Cart /Delete Account/ Sign out Checkout Proceed to Shipping Details View/ Edit Shipping Details /Select Shipping Method/ Proceed to Billing Details View/ Edit Billing Details Review Order/ View Total Order Summary, with Shipping and Billing Details /Proceed to Payment Details/ standard Payment Gateway Integration /Order Confirmation Show confirmation of order with order details on the screen FAQ Displays a list of frequently asked Questions Shipping Information Details regarding Shipping information and collaboration with any partners which will be confirmed with client for more details Static Pages Contact Us About Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Terms & Conditions Back-End Admin panel is the back end of the application from where the admin can manage the whole site and its contents as well. Login Administrator may login into the admin panel with the authorized username and password to get access to this panel. Site Map View Summary of the whole Admin panel Administrators Users Management The administrator user section shows the list of admin users accessing the panel. The admin can search and sort the list. The admin can even edit and delete the existing record. View Admin Search / Sort Admin users Change the Status of admin user (Active / Inactive) Add / Edit / Delete Admin Users Customer Management The Customer Management section shows the list of customers who have registered themselves on the site. View All Customers of the site Search / Sort Customers Change the Status of Customer (Active / Inactive) Add/ Edit / Delete Customers Send mail to the Customers B Product Management Admin can view all the products / admin has full rights to add/delete/ active/inactive Search /sort products Price chart management Section should allow to manage the price for all listed items and service orders Active/inactive / update Tax management As per standard measures Order Management View all order details View order information View billing / payment View change order process / open / rejected / cancelled Print order confirmation Edit/delete order Print order Print invoice / receipt FAQs Management Search FAQ Alphabetical search Add/edit change FAQ Email Template Welcome Mail / forgot password / Notification / Auto response chatbot System Settings (General Site Settings) View / Edit all Setting of Website/ General Settings Name of Site Main Site Title URL Meta Tags Information Settings Site Copyright Text Site Control Panel Title Administrator Email ID Static Pages Management View List of Static Pages SEO Management The SEO Management section helps the Site Administrator to manage the traffic & activity per- formed on Site by Users/ Buyers View all Meta tags & Keywords Search/ Sort Meta tags & keywords Change the Status (Active/ Inactive) Edit/ Delete Meta Tags View all login IPs Search/ Sort IP Change the Status (Active/ Inactive) Log out Visitor future /member View home page , Banner, slide show / browse products, view product details,view faqs/ become member through registration process /view static pages Registered member panel Login to site / Manage Account / My profile / My order /buy product / checkout / view report / track order / logout Admin Panel Login Dashboard Administrative user management /site member user management /product manager / banner / order manager / shipping / report update / system setting /logout.
  • Browser Testing: I will test the site to make sure it works with modern desktop web browsers. I will also test to make sure that the site does not break when viewed on mobile devices.


  • Account and login information.
  • Website deployed on requested domain.
  • A backup copy of the files associated with the site.
  • A reference document outlining how to make updates to the site along with a link to online resources.



Finish Date

Sign Contract 08-06-2020
Finalize Design 09-06-2020
Client Provides Content 12-06-2020
Finalize Testing 20-06-2020
Deploy to Staging Site for Client Sign Off 25-06-2020
Deploy to Client Domain 26-06-2020
Client Sign Off and Receipt of Deliverables 3-06-2020


The total price of this project as agreed upon during the proposal is 20000.00.

Key Assumptions

This agreement is based on the following assumptions.

  • You have provided Datasense Technologies with a complete list of your requirements for the website.


The client named below verifies that the terms of this Statement of Work is acceptable. The parties

hereto are each acting with proper authority by their respective companies.

BIllroth Hospitals Datasense Technologies

Company name

Company name

Datasense Technologies

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