Been in an Uber Accident? Reasons to Get a Lawyer Experienced in Uber Accidents

What is an Uber Accident

An Uber accident is any auto-collision involving one or more Uber drivers. Most commonly this involves a traffic accident in which an Uber-driven vehicle hits or is hit by a civilian-driven vehicle, but the circumstances can vary greatly.

Who is Affected by the Legal Complications of an Uber Accident?

The parties most commonly affected by the complicated nature of Uber accidents are Uber drivers, civilian drivers, and passengers. In some cases, pedestrian bystanders are also in need of legal representation because for all of these different people it is unclear who should assume legal responsibility in the event of an accident.

What to do After an Uber Accident?

Seek immediate legal representation from a lawyer with specialized experience with Uber accidents. When in a legally complicated situation it is imperative that a person seek out legal representation with a proven track record of success in such cases.

Reasons to Hire a Lawyer Experienced in Uber Accidents

1. Insurance Claim Complication

Insurance claims are a complicated hassle in ordinary circumstances, one person’s insurance company butting heads with another’s, but when the complication of Uber gets mixed in everything takes a gigantic leap in difficulty. This ultimately includes an additional party in with the insurance companies that will try to deny legal responsibility for an accident.

2. Uber Drivers Employment Status

Uber drivers are so easily hired and put onto the road because they are hired as independent contractors. This limits the connection Uber must maintain with its drivers, to include insurance coverage, reimbursement for damage to personal vehicles, and legal support in the event of a work-related accident. It is because of this limited connection that Uber drivers must have a lawyer experienced with Uber accidents.

3. Passenger and Civilian Driver Representation

As is the case for Uber drivers, Uber passengers, not to mention civilian parties involved in an accident, are caught in a bind. In the event of an Uber accident, a passenger, or a civilian driver, is left to figure out who is responsible for damages suffered. A lawyer with experience with Uber is the best bet to sorting out the necessary details. These details include, but are not limited to, damage to a person’s vehicle and medical bills resulting from accident-related injuries.

4. Extenuating Circumstances

Accidents are often more complicated than the simple car-hits-car scenario. In most cases, there are multiple vehicles involved, contradictory witness accounts, and, in some cases, even injured pedestrians. In these situations, blame is thrown in so many directions that it becomes a tangled web. Add the complication of Uber and it becomes nearly impossible for most people to make heads or tails of what to do. Lawyers who specialize in these situations are the best equipped professionals for untangling such webs of legal confusion.

5. Other Types of Incidents

To make matters even more complex, not every Uber accident is a standard auto-collision. There are many reported Uber incidents made on a regular basis that are not auto-collisions. These incidents vary greatly and can involve anything from a struck pedestrian to inappropriate driving behavior. In any such case it is essential to have appropriate legal representation with experience in such matters.

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