Boss Coders Revenue Share Agreement

This is a revenue share agreement between Boss Coders and the signing individual, (investor).

This agreement is between our company, "Boss Coders", owned and formally operated by Timothy Selph, and yourself, (the signer). All parties involved understand that by signing this agreement, all information is understood, acknowledged, and retained by this document.

This agreement is to document the amount of revenue that will be shared by "Boss Coders", to you, the investor and one signing the document.

Revenue share is defined as a percentage of our profit. Profit is covered by the following:

1. Subscriptions on our website.

2. Ad revenue through our site.

3. Fees per project, (10% of a project).

4. Any miscellaneous amounts of money that the company earns through our site.

This covers all future possible boss websites, (Boss Designers, Boss Jobs?), etc, as long as they are a part of the same company/trademark.

The rate for percentage of "Revenue Share" is $1,000 per 1%. As per the launch, (TBD pending updates), payouts will be sent out monthly, starting on the following 1st. (i.e. if launch is Oct 10th, first check will be sent out on Nov 1st).

Payout can be through direct deposit, a check, or in the event of neither being possible, a prepaid debit card (through Payoneer).

This percentage persists through death and can be willed to a family member or spouse. In the event you do not plan ahead and will this percentage to a family member, we ("Boss Coders"), will appoint your percentage of revenue share to the most logical option.

Revenue share will be trackable via a panel in the back office of the site. Each user will be able to track real-time the amount of money the site is making, (pending the signing of a Terms of Service & non-disclosure agreement).

By signing this agreement, you understand and agree to the terms and information listed above. All prior agreements signed between you and the aforementioned party, ("Boss Coders"), will become nullified and void upon signing this document.

Any and all other information can be obtained through contacting me directly, (Timothy Selph), or found in your panel upon launch.

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