Change Order for Madeline Jude Brown Website

This is a change order for a previously signed work agreement.

Change Order Work Agreement

This is a change order for "Madeleine Jude Brown Website Redesign."
All the terms and conditions of the original work agreement apply to the change order, unless specified below.

Scope of Work: Members of FullSteam Labs will provide copyediting for several pages on the new Madeleine Jude Brown website. Our work will include consulting time, working with existing copy, writing up new copy, a few rounds of revisions and implementing the final text on the site. The results would be finished content for:

Board of Directors- photos and bio

Our Work Page -Info on Scholarships and Other Initiatives
-How to Apply for Scholarships

Our Scholars -List of scholars, each with a photo and bio

Support Us -Short copy and link to donate and information on Grant Giving

The total estimate for this work is $480, but if the work goes over this time Fullsteam will charge a $40 hourly rate. FullSteam will make the client aware of of any chances of going over budget in a timely fashion.

Invoicing and payment will follow this schedule: The first half upon the start of the work, and the second half upon completion.

Change Order completion deadline: The same as designated in the original Work Agreement.



Saro Lynch-Thomason and Jason Johnson

E-mail for notice: [email protected]


Madeleine Jude Brown Foundation

E-mail for notice: [email protected]

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