SSIM: Trial contributor agreement

Strobeck Startup Incentive Model — Trial contributor agreement

All of the following language is in adherence to the profit sharing agreement.

My intent is to become a contributor. I am not a contributor.

I am not an employee or contractor of the company.

I understand that there is a time period of no more than 60 days for the company to gauge my ability to contribute over time.

I will keep track of my time at a rate of $XX.XX per hour and will be compensated only in the event that I am accepted as a contributor. I will maintain all compensation records on a rolling weekly basis. The company reserves the right to discard records outside of that timeframe.

My work to help build the company is owned by the company. If the company does not want to accept me as a contributor, my work is given freely to the company without any expectation and compensation.

I will keep all matters of the business private.

The company reserves the right to take legal action if the terms of this agreement are not met.