PM Modi Announces the Commencement of the Swamitva Yojana

Swamitva Yojana is a central government programme that would offer rural India with a comprehensive property certification solution.

Swamitva Yojana is a central government programme that would offer rural India with a
comprehensive property certification solution. With the help of the State Panchayati
Raj Department, Ministry of Panchayati Raj, State Revenue Department, and the Survey
of India, occupied land will be delineated in rural regions utilizing cutting-edge
surveying technologies such as drone technology.

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This yojana is now being implemented in 763 villages spanning Maharashtra, Uttar
Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Haryana. It would be deployed in
stages across the country from 2020 to 2024, with the goal of touching more than 6
lakh communities.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 'Swamitva Yojana' or Ownership Scheme on
Friday, which aims to map household land ownership in rural areas using contemporary
technologies such as drones. The prime minister, who also met with members of Gram
Panchayats throughout the nation via video conferencing, launched the initiative
aimed at revolutionising property record keeping in India on Panchayati Raj Diwas.
Swamvita Yojana's Advantages :-
ξ For qualifying property owners, the Swamvita Yojana offers the following

ξ Property conflicts are no longer a problem.
ξ Proof of property ownership
ξ Facilitates the purchase and sale of real estate without causing any
ξ Beneficiaries can borrow money from banks by using their homes as collateral.
ξ Every community would have accurate land records, which will aid in improved
rural planning.

ξ Make it easier to create GIS maps and survey infrastructure.
ξ Gram panchayats would have an easier time managing their villages.
ξ Proper property tax determination and collection to the gramme panchayat or
state exchequer

What is the procedure for applying for Swamitva Yojana?
ξ Follow the procedures below to apply for the Swamvita Yojana:
ξ Visit the Government of India's Ministry of Panchayati Raj's official website.
ξ Select 'New User Registration' from the drop-down menu.
ξ On the screen, the Registration Form will display.

ξ Fill in the needed information, such as your address, name, email address, and
phone number, as well as information about the property.
ξ Make sure all of the information is correct before clicking "Submit."
ξ An application number will be supplied as an acknowledgment.

Eligibility Requirements for Swamitva Yojana:-
On or after September 25, 2018, people in rural parts of India with inhabited land
will be able to get land ownership records. Applicants must also have Aadhar cards
with their cellphone numbers attached to them.

What is the Swamitva Yojana and how does it work?
Drones will be used by the government to measure land and produce a digital map of
properties within the village borders under this property card concept.
Everything you need to know about the 'Swamitva Yojana' is right here :-
1. The Swamitva Yojana aims to use contemporary technologies to compile a database of
land ownership in rural regions.
2. The initiative is being trialled by the Union government's Panchayati Raj ministry
and will be introduced on April 24, 2020, Panchayati Raj Diwas.
3. The necessity of this Several residents in rural regions were affected by the
Yojana because they lacked paperwork showing ownership of their land. In most states, there has been no survey or measuring of occupied areas in villages for the purpose

of attestation/verification of properties.

4. The Swamitva Yojana aims to bridge the aforesaid gap by giving people in rural
ownership rights. It is projected to go a long way toward resolving property rights
in rural areas, as well as serve as a vehicle for empowerment and entitlement,
minimising social conflict caused by property disputes.
5. Drones will be used to measure residential land in communities in order to
generate an irrefutable record. It is the most up-to-date technology for land
surveying and measurement.
6. The plan would be implemented in close collaboration with the Central Panchayati
Raj Ministry, the Survey of India, state Panchayati Raj ministries, and state revenue

PM Narendra Modi introduced the Swamitva initiative while video chatting with
Sarpanches from throughout the country. The programme is now in pilot status in six
Using drones and cutting-edge survey methodologies, the Swamitva project aids in the
mapping of rural populated lands. In rural regions, the initiative will enable
efficient planning, tax collection, and property rights clarity. The owners will be able to seek for loans from financial organisations as a result of this.

Source From:- Navi Mumbai Houses

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