Public Storage Toronto AODA Policy

This is the AODA policy for public storage

Providing Goods and Services to People with Disabilities

Public Storage (the “Company”) is committed to excellence in serving all our visitors including people with disabilities.

Assistive Devices
The Company recognizes that some visitors with disabilities use assistive devices in order to access or benefit from the Company’s services. We will use our best efforts to accommodate all assistive devices. If necessary, the Company will use alternate methods to provide service to visitors with disabilities in a manner that takes their disability into consideration. The Company will ensure that designated employees are trained and familiar with various assistive devices that may be used by visitors with disabilities while accessing our services.

We will communicate with visitors with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability.

Service Animals
The Company welcomes visitors with disabilities and their service animals. Certified service animals are allowed on the parts of our premises that are open to the public.

Support Persons
The Company recognizes that some individuals with disabilities rely on support persons for assistance while accessing services. A person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to enter into our premises together with the support person and will not be prevented from having access to the support person while on the premises. When necessary to protect the health or safety of a person with a disability, the Company may require a person with a disability to be accompanied by a support person when on the premises. Where the Company sponsors paid events, the fee for the support person will be waived. In order to preserve the client’s confidentiality, we will always ask permission to discussion confidential matters in front of the support person.

Notice of Temporary Disruption
The Company will make every effort to notify visitors with disabilities of any planned or unexpected disruption to services or facilities. This notice will include information on the reasons for the disruption, the expected length of the disruption and a description of alternative facilities or services, if available. Where practical, this information will be posted on the premises.

Training for Staff
The Company provides training to all its members regarding the provision of excellent service to individuals with disabilities. The Company also commits to provide this training to all new members within 90 days of their start date.

Feedback Process

The Company welcomes feedback from visitors with disabilities so that we can ensure we are meeting your needs. Those who wish to provide feedback can do so by:

  1. Hard copy – forms are available in onsite at any of our Public Storage Facilities in Ontario.
  2. Verbally – Our Executive Assistant Jessica Castillo (905.677.0363) can assist you in completing the form

Any concerns will be addressed and responded to within 72 hours.

Modifications to this or other Policies
We are committed to developing client service policies that respect and promote the dignity and independence of visitors with disabilities, and also ensure equal access to our services for all. Any Company policy that does not meet these criteria will be modified or removed. No changes shall be made to this policy without considering the impact on our visitors with disabilities.

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