Montana Homestead Abandoment

The Montana Declaration of Homestead Abandonment form is a sample/example from the Montana State Law Library (

Sample Declaration of Homestead Abandonment

The Homestead Declaration previously filed onPrevious Filing Date, recorded in the BookBook information, Pagepage #, record ofCounty NameCounty, is hereby abandoned. The real property affected is described as follows (legal description) (Note: A street address is not a legal description of the property nor is a deed reference. The full metes and bounds description; subdivision with lot number or certificate of survey number must be included in the description):


Describe Your Property


together with the dwelling house, or mobile home and improvements and appurtenances thereon.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I/we have set my/our hand(s) this Dayday of Month ,Year.

Your Signature Your Wife's Signature
(Signature of Claimant) (Signature of Claimant)

State of Montana County of County Name

This instrument was signed before me on Date of Notarization

by Your NameYour Spouse's Name.
Print name of signer(s)

Notary Signature
Notary Signature

[Montana notaries must complete the following, if not part of stamp.]

Name of Notary
Printed Name

Notary Public for the State of Montana Residing at Notary Address

My Commission expires:Notary Expiration Date

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