Cost Sharing Agreement

This a cost sharing agreement for the 2017 spring break trip.

Cost Sharing Agreement

This agreement made on November 3 2016, is a contract between all parties going on the upcoming 2017 Spring Break trip.

Term of Period of Agreement

This agreement is to begin on November 14 2016 to until the trip is over. We fully understand and accept the rules and responsibilities of this agreement.Our stay at the rental home will be from March 13, 2017 to March 17,2017.

Security Deposit

The security deposit for the beach house is $500. Each of us will be responsible for a share in the amount of $500. We understand that this amount will be refunded back to us at the end of the stay unless there are damages to the home. We accept responsibilities for damages that we cause and understand that we will not be reimbursed back at the end of the stay because of them. However, if there are no damages I understand that I will be reimbursed $62.50 at the end of the stay.


The total rent according to the terms of our lease with the owner of the house is $1,429.89. We understand that the rent is in two payments. I understand the first payment, of $761.89, is due at the time of booking. Each parties portion will be $95.2. Each parties portion of the first payment is due between the dates of December 12, 2016 to December 19, 2016. I understand the second payment, of $663.00, is due February 26, 2017. Each parties portion will be $82.88. Each parties portion of the second payment is due February 1, 2017. Any party who signs this contract and does not come up with their portion, will be taken to court for the money owed. If any one is late with their portion, they will let Jasmin Wells know prior to.

Extra Fees

I understand the extra fees included in the total include the following. The cleaning fee comes to a total of $90. The service fee comes to a total of $98.89. The tax comes to a total of $96.00. We accept responsibility for prompt payment of these fees. We understand that these fees are already applied to the total rent of $1,429.89.


I understand that Jasmin Wells has created a payment system. I agree to pay her through this system or cash if already work out prior to. I will pay my portion when it is due, in order to keep my spot for the 2017 spring break trip.


If any party breaches this contract, all parties agree to first try to resolve the dispute before taking it to the courts.


Respect shall be the cornerstone for all other categories of this agreement, and for successful house sharing in general.

As party to this agreement I realize that I, as well as each of the other parties, have equal rights to use the space and facilities in the rental home. This agreement is intended to promote harmony between all parties by clarifying the expectations and responsibilities.

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