A Sample Demand Letter For Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims

Sending a demand letter when negotiating your personal injury claim is a vital first step. In fact, it represents the main document for the claim itself with all settlement negotiations revolving around the details that are set out in this letter.

It’s therefore essential to pack this document with plenty of useful arguments and information, outlining all the damages that you’re seeking as well as the reasons why you believe you have a valid claim.

A demand letter should include:

  • The details of any injuries
  • How such injuries occurred
  • Why you believe the defendant is responsible
  • Any losses and costs experienced due to the injury

It’s always wise to seek out professional advice from an experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney when writing your personal injury demand letter. This is because a demand letter which has been well-written and which covers the vital details of the case makes the process of negotiating a settlement much faster and smoother. A skilled personal injury lawyer has the necessary expertise and training to maximize the amount of damages you can expect to receive. However, if you would like to draw up your own personal injury demand letter, here is a sample document for you to use as a basis.

An Example Letter

Dear Mr/Mrs …

I am writing to you with regard to the accident on [date/time] which took place at [location].

[The next paragraph should outline the basics of the accident – what happened, where you were and what you were doing when the incident occurred.]

I have enclosed with this letter copies of the estimates for the cost of repairing the damage caused to my vehicle together with a detailed outline of the wages I have lost due to my injuries and copies of my medical bills. I request that you award me compensation for these losses. You can see from the documents enclosed that the cost of repairing my vehicle comes to [amount]. While my vehicle is being repaired I will require the use of a rental car which will cost [amount]. The total cost of my medical bills is [amount] while the amount of wages I lost due to missing [number of days/weeks/months] of work adds up to a total of [amount]. Therefore, my total losses amount to [amount].

I now request that you respond to this letter telling me how you intend to proceed with this claim within 15 days of receipt and that you arrange to cover my losses in the sum of [amount] within 30 days. If I fail to hear from you within this period of time, I would like to inform you that I will be filing legal action with the courts.

Yours sincerely


What Else Should I Include?

Make sure that you have also provided your current contact details in the demand letter, including your telephone number and address. It’s important though, to allow your attorney to communicate with the insurance company for the other party. The liable party’s insurers will have their own legal representatives and therefore you need to ensure that you also have an experienced lawyer working on your behalf.

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