July 4th "Indemnification Day" Waiver

Here's a sample waiver for a rocking July 4th BBQ party!

Dear Guest,

You are hereby authorized to attend my July 4th BBQ party. The event will be held at 8 PM, and the festivities will be confined within the vicinity of Location.

By accepting this invitation, you agree to indemnify me and waive all rights to seek legal recourse should the following occur:

  1. Your hot dog is overcooked.
  2. Your beer is found to be not sufficiently cold.
  3. You are overly chastised for forgetting the lyrics to "America the Beautiful."
  4. You suffer permanent hearing damage as a result of my singing the correct lyrics of "America the Beautiful."
  5. Somebody throws up in your car.
  6. Your car is damaged due to the ignition of nearby fireworks.
  7. Fireworks are ignited in your car.
  8. Your car is ignited, because we forgot to get fireworks.
  9. The BBQ explodes due to a freak S'mores-related accident, damaging your car.
  10. Various property (not limited to, but certainly including, your car) is damaged during an unlicensed and poorly-conceived "air show", featuring beer bottles, bottle rockets and "those veggie burgers that somebody brought".

I look forward to seeing you at the party. Some guests have indicated that they are interested in car pooling, please let us know if you are willing to volunteer your car for this.

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