Khalil Maamoon Is Transforming

A big ‘hello’ to all the hookah lovers out there. Those who love hookah know that smoking hookah isn’t a trend and hobby

A big ‘hello’ to all the hookah lovers out there. Those who love hookah know that smoking hookah isn’t a trend and hobby; it’s a time-old culture that got its roots somewhere in the Middle East region. Khalil Maamoon is one hookah brand that came from Cairo, Egypt, where hookah smoking happens to be a cultural tradition that ages over 500 years. Khalil Maamoon has traveled a long way to cross the borders of Egypt and introduce their majestic hookah pieces to the entire world.

These days, Khalil Maamoon is transforming their official website to give the hookah lovers a fresh and enhanced shopping experience. Guess what? Khalil Maamoon is giving you free shipping anywhere in the U.S. when you purchase $100 or more.

Since 1873, Khalil Maamoon has been manufacturing handmade hookah pieces in Egypt that scream creativity and quality. They have a seasoned team of experienced artisans dedicated to fabricating each of the Khalil Maamoon Egyptian hookahs and hookah accessories. These hookahs are the carriers of the longstanding water-pipe smoking civilization of the Egypt and Middle East regions and the latest technologies. Apart from looking traditionally stylish and elegant, these pieces are also high-quality and durable. Be ready to surf through their exclusive range of handcrafted Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs and accessories on their revamped website in the coming few days.

  • Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs

Unlike others, they have categorized their handmade hookah collection in four segments: one door, two-door, three-door hookahs, and hookahs with an ice chamber. Khalil Maamoon Egyptian hookahs have timeless chic designs that are inspired by the ancient Egyptian smoking culture and tradition. The designs and patterns are hand-painted and are likely to vary.

  • Khalil Maamoon Shishas

Did you know that Khalil Maamoon picks all the ingredients from the different parts of the world to ensure authentic flavors in their shishas? They have some fantastic blends that can mesmerize anyone in a single inhale. You can find shishas focused on Classic Fruits, Cool Ice Mixes, Minty Flavors, and other Fruit Mixes. However, it doesn’t end there. Khalil Maamoon has some very mysteriously delicious Special Blends as well.

  • Khalil Maamoon Charcoals

Quick Lights, Charcoals, and Coconut Shell Charcoals; Khalil Maamoon brings you all of them.

  • Khalil Maamoon Accessories

A hookah setup is never complete without some right accessories. Khalil Maamoon didn’t produce amazing Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs or Shishas. They have a lot more to offer like Khalil Maamoon bowls, trays, tongs, hoses, wind covers, and glass bases. KM bowls and bases not only fit the Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs, but they can go with any other hookahs as well. The fur-trimmed hoses are gorgeous and comfortable. If you are looking for something elegant and stylish, visit Khalil Maamoon’s official website.

  • Khalil Maamoon New Arrivals

To make it easier for you, they have consolidated all their new launches under their ‘New Arrivals’ category. They have recently launched some stunning hookahs like Zalata, Ice Qazaz, Turkey Balaha, and shishas like Lemon Touch, Moodasia Block, Blue Dreams. If you are planning to pack something unique, try them.

Once again, make an order of $100 or more on Khalil Maamoon, and you get your order shipped for free throughout the U.S. So, make sure you visit Khalil Maamoon and have a great time shopping and smoking hookahs!

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