Request for Proposal Bid Package

This is an RFP bid package for general building services.



[ ] Services provided to:

Company Name

Issuer: [ ]

Date of Issuance: [ ]



Section IProposal Requirements

A. Summary of Background

B. Time Line

C. General Conditions and Reservations

D. Evaluation Criteria

E. Proposal Content Section IISample Contract ExhibitsA. Scope of Work

B. Non-disclosure Agreement

C. Staffing Plan (to be agreed upon).

D. Quality Control Program (to be agreed upon).



Company invites selected bidders (”Bidders”), to submit competitive proposals in accordance with the requirements of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for the

provision of Pre-xlConstruction[Type of Service] and General Contracting Services.

[This section of the RFP should provide the purpose and description of the project or work to be performed. It may provide background information of the organization requesting proposals as well. Most of the requirement details will be included in subsequent sections of the document.]


1. Mandatory Site Visit.

All Bidders MUST attend the site visit at the buildings and must sign in at the location as there will be no additional opportunities to view the sites due to access restrictions. A Bidder’s failure to attend a site visit at a building shall result in the Bidder being deemed non responsible and eliminated from consideration for award with respect to that building. The schedule is as follows:

Site Visit with Approximate Times:

[ ]

2. Inquiries.

All inquiries must be in writing and e-mailed to [ Email Address ].Response to such inquiries will be in writing. No inquiries will be accepted after [ Date ].

COMPANY will respond in writing via e mail no later than [ Date ]. COMPANY, at its sole discretion, may choose to respond to late inquiries. COMPANY is not responsible for any delivery or postal delays.

3. Form of Submission of Proposals and Closing Date.

Proposals must be submitted in writing, in both hard copy and PDF format. An original, signed, hard copy of the Proposal and 2 copies must be sent to the [ COMPANY’s principal office to the Issuer ]. All bid packages shall be noted as such on the outside of the envelope:

Bid: [ Type of Service ]. A PDF copy of the Proposal must also be sent via e-mail attachment to [ Issuer ].

Proposals must be received at the both the aforementioned mailing and e-mail addresses on or before [ Date ] (“Deadline Date”). COMPANY, at its sole discretion, may choose not to consider any late proposals. COMPANYis not responsible for any delivery or postal delays.

4. Award of Contract and Commencement of Work.

It is anticipated that a contract under this RFP, if awarded, would be awarded by [ Date ]. It is anticipated that work under any contract that may be awarded would commence on[ Date ].

5. Reservation of Right to Extend Time Deadlines.

COMPANY reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change or extend any of the dates stated in this section. In the event that COMPANY does exercise this right, COMPANY will publish the new date.


1. PROPOSAL SIGNATURES: An authorized official must sign the proposal. Each signature represents binding commitment upon the Bidder to provide the goods and/or services offered to COMPANY if the Bidder is determined to be the most responsive and responsible Bidder.

2. PROPOSAL MODIFICATIONS: Clarifications, modifications, or amendments to any proposal that has been submitted, but prior to the proposal Deadline Date, may be made only within the discretion and written approval of COMPANY.

3. DUPLICATE PROPOSALS: No more than one (1) proposal from any Bidder, including its subsidiaries, affiliated companies and franchisees will be considered by COMPANY. In the event multiple proposals are submitted in violation of this provision,COMPANY will have the right to determine which proposal will be considered, or at its sole option, reject all such multiple proposals.

4. WITHDRAWAL: Proposals may only be withdrawn by written notice prior to the Deadline Date set for the opening of proposal. No proposal may be withdrawn after the deadline for submission.

6. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: The Bidder must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and policies.

7. NON-DISCRIMINATION: COMPANY will not contract with any person or firm that discriminates against employees or applicants for employment because of any factor not related to job performance, including race, color, creed, national origin, age, marital status, handicap, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification or expression, religion, familial status, height or weight.

The Bidder must comply with all federal, state and local laws and policies that prohibit discrimination in employment contracts. The Bidder must include in its subcontracts provisions that prohibit subcontractors from discriminating in their employment practices.

8. WITHDRAWAL: COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw the RFP; COMPANY may waive informalities if it is in COMPANY’s interest.

11. DISQUALIFICATION OF REPSONDENTS: Any one or more of the following causes may be considered sufficient for the disqualification of a Bidder and the rejection of the Proposal:

a. Evidence of collusion among Bidders.

b. Lack of competency as revealed by either financial, experience, or equipment statements.

c. Lack of responsibility as shown by past work.

d. Uncompleted work under other contracts which, in the judgment of COMPANY, might hinder or prevent the prompt completion of additional work if awarded.

  1. REJECTION: COMPANY reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or to accept or reject any proposal in part, and to waive any minor informality or irregularity in proposals received, if it is determined by the [ COMPANY’s Department or person in Charge ] or designee that the best interest of COMPANY will be served by doing so. COMPANY may reject any proposal from any person, firm or corporation in arrears or in default to COMPANY on any contract, debt, or other obligation, or if the Bidder is debarred by COMPANY from consideration for a contract award.
  1. DISCUSSIONS: Discussions may be conducted with responsible Bidders, in order to clarify and assure full understanding of, and conformance to, the solicitation requirements. Discussions may be conducted with Bidders who submit proposals determined to be reasonably susceptible of being elected for award, but responses may be accepted without such discussions.

Bidders shall be accorded fair and equal treatment with respect to any opportunity for discussions and revisions of proposals. Such revisions may be permitted after submission and prior to award for the purpose of obtaining best and final offers. If during discussions there is a need for any substantial clarification of or change in the RFP, the RFP shall be amended to incorporate such clarification or change. The Bidder shall reduce any substantial oral clarification of proposals to writing.

13. CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: All proposals must be firm for at least [ Duration ] days from the date of the proposal.

14. AWARD OF CONTRACT: The Bidder to whom the award is made will be notified at the earliest possible date. Tentative acceptance of the proposal, intent to actual award of the contract will be provided by written notice sent to the Bidder at the address designated in the proposal. All proposals must be for a firm fixed price unless modified. If, for any reason, a contract is not

executed with the selected Bidder within 5 days after notice of the award, then COMPANY may proceed to award a contract to the next most responsive and responsible Bidder. Award of a contract is contingent upon the availability of funds for this project, the determination of which is within the sole discretion of COMPANY. Acceptance of the Bidder’s proposal does not constitute a binding contract. There is no contract until a contract is signed by both the authorized representative of the successful Bidder and the[ COMPANY’s department or person in charge ] or her designee. COMPANY is not liable for performance costs until the successful Bidder has been given a fully executed contract. Failure to accept the terms and conditions of COMPANY’s Standard Service Contract, as set forth herein, may deem the Bidder non-responsive and result in the rejection of the proposal.

15. SUBCONTRACTORS: If the Bidder’s team is composed of a prime consultant with subcontractors, the subcontractors must remain exclusive to the prime described in the proposal until the end of the specific proposal period and may not partner with more than one prime for the purposes of the responsive proposal.

The Contract will not be assignable to any other business entity without COMPANY’s approval.

16. BIDDER RESPONSIBILITIES: The Bidder, including all subcontractors of the Bidder, must be capable of providing all services as described under Exhibit A and to maintain those capabilities until notification of the fact that their proposal was unsuccessful. Exclusion of any service for this proposal may serve as cause for rejection. The selected Bidder must remain capable of providing all services as described under Exhibit A and must maintain those capabilities until the agreement is successfully finished. The successful Bidder will be responsible for all services in this proposal whether they are provided or performed by the successful Bidder or subcontractor(s). Further, COMPANY will consider the successful Bidder to be the sole point of contact with regard to contractual matters, including payment of any and all charges resulting from the cost of any contract. The successful Bidder must identify all Subcontractors and the services they provide. The Successful Bidder is responsible for all payments and liabilities of all Subcontractor(s).

COMPANY reserves the right to approve or reject, in writing, any proposed Subcontractor. If COMPANY rejects any proposed Subcontractor in writing, the Successful Bidder shall be responsible to assume the proposed Subcontractor’s responsibilities. The Successful Bidder may propose another Subcontractor if it does not jeopardize the effectiveness or efficiency of the contract.

Nothing contained in the proposal or in the contract shall create or be construed as creating any contractual relationship between any Subcontractor and COMPANY.

17. DISCLOSURE OF CONTENTS: All information provided in the proposal shall be held in confidence and shall not be revealed or discussed with competitors, until after award of the contract except as provided by law or COMPANY decision. However, all financial information about a Bidder shall remain undisclosed except as provided by law or COMPANY decision. All material submitted with the proposal becomes the property of COMPANY and may be returned only at COMPANY’s option.

Bidders must make no other distribution of their proposals other than authorized by this RFP. A Bidder who shares cost information contained in its proposal with other COMPANY personnel or competing Bidder personnel shall be subject to disqualification.

Bidders shall not be provided any information about other proposals or prices or where the Bidder stands in relation to others at any time during the evaluation process. Any request for such information by a Bidder, its subcontractor or an affiliated party may be viewed as a compromise to the evaluation process and the requesting Bidder may be eliminated from further consideration.


1. EVALUATION PROCESS: All proposals received will be evaluated by [ COMPANY’s department or person in charge].

The following evaluation criteria will be considered in making the selection:

a. Experience and Qualifications

b. [ Type of Service ] Plan.

c. Proposed Fees.

d. Quality Control Program.

2. Each proposal submitted in response to this RFP shall focus on the above criteria as detailed below. The Evaluation evaluation Committee committee also may consider past performance of the Bidder on other contracts with COMPANY or other governmental entities. Proposals will be evaluated equally and fairly; no preference will be given to any Bidder based solely on previous experience with COMPANY or an incumbent thereof. COMPANY reserves the right to make additional inquiries and may request the submission of additional information. COMPANY’s evaluation of the above noted factors, and an award of any contract based thereon, shall be in its sole discretion.


The proposal shall be organized in the following format:

1. Bidder.

List the full name of your organization, union affiliation, subsidiaries and parent organization. Describe history and background information of your firm. List the full address of the Bidder.

2. Proposal Contact Person.

List the full name, title, address, phone and fax number, and e-mail address of the individual who will be the designated contact for your organization for subsequent communications in reference to this RFP. Give the name of the person who will be authorized to execute a contract for the Bidder.

3. Overall Bidder Experience.

Describe your experience and expertise in [ Type of Service ] including:

a. Demonstrate having the following experience or its equivalent:

[ ]

b. List current and past (within 3 years) buildings that are serviced by you, including a description of the size of the building(s), the services provided, the number of personnel assigned under the contract, and cost of the contract. Each location should be listed with the name, position and phone number of a client contact.

c. Identify key personnel assigned to the account.

d. Identify any projects in which your contract was terminated for any reason.

e. Identify any claims or lawsuits that have been brought against you as a result of any services provided within the last 5 years.

f. Provide an organizational chart indicating the key personnel who will provide services resulting from this RFP.

4. [ Type of Service ] Plan.

a. Provide an overview of the [ Type of Service ] plan that you propose to implement based on this RFP including the exhibits attached hereto, including without limitation detailed staffing schedules by each shift and each day of the week.

b. Provide a [ Type of Service ] Staffing Plan which shall become part of the Contract that identifies the total number of employees proposed and include therein the total number of employees assigned to perform services;

c. A summary to show your anticipated staffing schedules by each shift and each day of the week that demonstrates the performance of the work set forth in Exhibit A.

d. Submit an organizational chart showing your proposed staffing plan.

e. Describe your plan for a full implementation/transition, including lead time required once a notice to proceed has been issued.

f. Describe your firm’s contingency plan for maintaining a 100% staffing level to perform the tasks set forth in Exhibit A and any unscheduled work that may be require due to emergencies.

g. Describe security clearance procedures and measures to enforce same.

h. Detail your employee training procedures, outside of the specific training they will receive on-site. In addition, describe the amount and type of property-specific on-site training an employee will receive prior to being placed on-site.

i. Describe your equipment maintenance programs.

j. Describe your [ Type of Service ] supplies inventory, including what products the Bidder proposes to use for the delivery of services.

k. Detail the level of involvement COMPANY can expect from off-site management of your organization.

l. Describe in detail how you would conduct the transition process if selected as Contractor. Verify that you are positioned to assume services as of [ Date ].

m. Describe in detail your overall turnover rate for the past three years in comparison with the industry average (indicate your source for this average). What is your organization doing to keep this turnover to a minimum?

5. Cost.

a. State the total amount of fees on a per annum basis that will be charged to COMPANY , and provide the details that support that fee, including the wage scale paid to the employees whom the Bidder will use to implement this contract.

1) State how you will determine the cost of unscheduled services that may be ordered performed in writing by COMPANY.

b. Except for unscheduled work, the proposed fee stated in the proposal shall be inclusive of all costs, including but not limited to, employee wages, insurance, training, uniforms, equipment and supplies, including, but not limited to:

1) All labor, supervision, quality assurance personnel, equipment and tools;

2) All [ Type of Service ] supplies, including but not limited to [ ].

3) Costs associated with the replacement, as necessary, of bathroom fixtures: toilet paper holders, sanitary napkin receptacles, hand towel dispensers, and toilet seat cover dispenser.

6. Quality Control Program.

a. Submit a description of your Quality Control Program. The Bidder’s Quality Control Program shall upon acceptance by COMPANY become part of a contract that is awarded as Exhibit (C). The Quality Control Program shall

1) Detail how all requirements of the contract are provided as specified including performance of the scope of work set forth in exhibit A.

2) Provide a comprehensive list of all supply products that will be used by the Bidder, and Material Safety Data Sheets for all items.

3) Describe the types and lists of equipment that will be utilized and provide specification sheets for the equipment.

4) Describe plans for correcting performance problems, and any other staffing information relevant to an understanding of your firm’s planned performance of the Agreement.

7. Exceptions.

Each Bidder shall detail any exceptions to any terms and all conditions listed in this RFP or form of contract set forth in Section II of this RFP. Each exception must reference a corresponding section, page and paragraph and shall provide a detailed explanation why the Bidder cannot meet the requirement or why the requirement is not applicable to said Bidder.

8. Unions.

a. State whether your workforce or whether one or more of your subcontractors is unionized.

b. Describe your experience with negotiating and administering union cleaning contracts, and describe, if applicable, provide your (including any subcontractor’s) labor relations history with your unions for the past five years, including any strikes, walkouts or other labor disputes.

c. Describe your relationship with organized labor.

9. Additional Information.

Identify any additional information that you consider relevant to the purposes of this proposal which has not been specifically addressed herein.

10. Financial Information.

Provide documentation that the Bidder has adequate financial resources to perform the services and carry out the duties and obligations under this RFP and the contract.

11. Insurance.

Provide evidence that the Bidder has the ability to secure the insurance coverages and limits as required by this RFP and the contract.

12. Bidder Interviews.

COMPANY may request some or all of the Bidders submitting proposals to participate in an interview or discussions regarding the implementation schedule and strategy prior to award of the contract.

13. Proposal Response.

Bidder shall respond in writing to each of the items listed in this RFP. Responses should be labeled so that they can be referenced to the corresponding item. In addition to the items noted above, be sure to address all other questions and items noted throughout thisRFP.


[ To Be Inserted ]