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UniversityFood Mart, as Lessor, does hereby agree to let to C. Uche (Jacksonville Total Care), as Lessee, a parking space located at 5573 Playa Way (Building/Street Address) Jacksonville (City), Fl(State). The following terms and conditions shall apply to this Parking Space Lease Agreement (“Agreement”):

Terms and Conditions:

1. Items Left in Vehicle. Lessor shall not be responsible for damage or loss to possessions or items left in Lessee’s vehicle.

2. Damage to Vehicle. Lessor shall not be responsible for damage to Lessee’s vehicle, whether or not such damage is caused by other vehicle(s) or person(s) in the parking lot and surrounding area.

3. Parking Lot Attendants. Lessor shall not provide parking lot attendants. In the event that Lessor provides such attendants, any use of such attendant by Lessee to park or drive Lessee’s vehicle shall be at Lessee’s request, direction and sole risk of any resulting loss and Lessee shall indemnify Lessor for any loss resulting from such use.

4. Payments by Lessee. Lessee agrees to pay $ 600 per month for the lease of the aforementioned parking space. Lessee is to make such leasehold payment –(to Lessor or Lessor’s Agent) in person (or by mail) at 5573 Playa Way Jacksonville Fl 32211 address. Payments shall be made in advance by Lessee on the first of each month. If the payment is made late please include a $50 late fee charge.

5. Receipts by Lessor. Lessor agrees to provide a receipt to Lessee for each payment received. Such receipt shall show the amount paid and number of the leased parking space.

6. Termination. Lessor may terminate this Agreement by providing 30 days written notice to the other party. Any such notice shall be directed to a party at the party’s address as listed below in this Agreement.

7. Damages and Loss of Equipment. Lessee is responsible for any and all damages beyond normal wear and tear to the parking facilities. Lessee is also to be held responsible for replacement of any lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced remote garage door openers or other parking facility related equipment lent to the Lessee by the Lessor.

8. Contract Term is for 1 Year starting April 1 2013 till April 1 11 2014. If the lessee breaks the contract he/she shall pay full amount till the contract ends.

9. If its the lessee's choice he/she may buy liability insurance for their oWn protection. The Lesssor WIll not provide any kind of insurance and is not responsible any incident occurs at the leased property.

EXECUTED AND AGREED by the parties hereto, this the first day of April, 2013.


khaja sidiqi/ Navob sayeq _______________________

5573 Playa Way Jacksonville Fl 32211


C. Uche (Jacksonville Total Care) ________________________

1126 University Blvd N Jacksonville Fl 32211

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