Residential Rental Property / Move-in Review Template

Residential rental property / move-in review template for a house, apartment, or condo.

All you need to reapply this is insert:

the address of the rental,
the lease start and end date,
the tenant's names and addresses,
the landlord's name and address,
and ultimately, the summary of damages!

Rental Street Address
Rental City, STATE Zip
Lease Lease Start Date to Lease End Date

REVIEW dated Today's Date, between:

Landlord's Name of Landlord's Address (hereinafter called the LANDLORD), and:

1. Tenant 1 Name (name) of

Tenant 1 Current Address (address)

2. Tenant 2 Name of

Tenant 2 Current Address

3. Tenant 3 Name of

Tenant 3 Current Address

4. Tenant 4 Name of

Tenant 4 Current Address

5. Tenant 5 Name of

Tenant 5 Current Address

6. Tenant 6 Name of

Tenant 6 Current Address

(hereinafter called the TENANTS).

WHEREAS, LANDLORD owns the residence and real estate situated at Rental Street Address. Rental City, STATE Zip (hereinafter called the PREMISES); and

WHEREAS, TENANTS and LANDLORD agree the following damage/issues exist at the property, and 1) the TENANTS are not responsible for repair 2) the LANDLORD shall fix this in due time:

Summary of Damages

Signed on Today's Date.


Landlord's Name


Tenant 1 Name

Tenant 2 Name

Tenant 3 Name

Tenant 4 Name

Tenant 5 Name

Tenant 6 Name