Creative Brief [ENG] (1)

This creative brief help to understand with exact details the needs between the client and designer. Also to concentrate the contact information, project brief, brand/identity, deadline and budget.

Client/Company Name : [Name]

Established : [Year]

Address : [Address]

Telephone : [Telephone Number]

Email : [Company Email]

Contact Person (CP) : [Contact Person & Position]

CP Telephone : [Contact Person Telephone]

CP Email : [Contact Person Email]

Client/Company Overview:

What is your work/company about?

Description of your company...

Do you offer services or products? And are used for?

Name the services or products and a short description for what are used for

Describe your work/company in 3 sentences?

Just 3 sentences...

Who’s your main audience/target?

Who you aim for...

Who’s your competitor? (be specific)

Write names of your direct/indirect competitors

Project Information:

Write the items or your needs that will be covered by this project?


Describe your project in 3 sentences?

Just 3 sentences...

What makes this project a priority for you?

Why do you want this project...

What you want to achieve with this project?

The main goals...

What are the mandatory elements you want to have? (include colors, shapes, fonts, etc...)

The elements that always will/should go in the project...

How and where this project is gonna be used?

The main uses and places the project will be...

This is your first launch or redesign of something you already have?

Please be specific...

If already launched how was the opinion/acceptation of your audience/target and workers?

If you had not asked this question, I advice to do it before our first meeting...

Do you have any reference of what you want? (include links, websites, research, reports or if you have any physical item please let me know and provide it) (Please send attachment via email)



How is the brand/identity perceived against competitors in the market?

Include customer view, products and services you're looking to provide...

What is the statement of the brand/identity?

How, to, why and where do you want your statement...

What are the benefits, experience and vision you want the customer to have about your brand/identity?

Include the feel, action and think the customer should leave with...

If the brand/identity was a person, who would be? what would it's personality be? how will act and talk?

You can use any reference you have...

Deadline & Budget Information:

When is your deadline?

When do you need to be finished your project...

Do you prefer quality over quickness or quickness over quality?

-Quality not always come with quickness. Quickness come with fast client response, clear idea of what want to achieve with this work, not back and forth of ideas and lots of design development changes. If you want both isn’t going to be cheap.

-Quickness not always come with quality. Quality comes with a good time of brainstorming, focus group, having a real concept of what want to achieve with this work, standing, as a client, of what number of items want to work in this project. If you want both isn’t going to be cheap.

Please take in mind your deadline proposed...

Do you have a prepared budget for this project and/or the expenses it can occur? (ex. stock photography, illustrations, photographer, etc...)

Are you really sure and ready for the investment you are gonna make...

What is your budget for this project? (please be specific)

The average of what are you willing to pay for your project...

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