Consent to Publish: Apocalyptic Fears Box Set

This is an agreement for participants in the Apocalyptic Fears 1 and/or 2 publishing venture.

Consent to Publish

David VanDyke/Reaper Press LLC is pleased to have the privilege of publishing your work, _______, in its box set of ebooks titled Apocalyptic Fears I and/or II, in electronic (ebook) format only. You, _____________as author or agent thereof, hereby agree as follows:

1. Copyright in the work shall be retained by the author, who here licenses it to David VanDyke/Reaper press LLC, who shall have the following rights: The right to publish the work in electronic format worldwide in English, within the box set Apocalyptic Fears I or II. This right is nonexclusive, i.e., the author retains all other rights to publish his or her work in any form and manner.

2. You, the author or agent, represent and warrant: A. That the work is original, that you have full power to make this agreement, and that you are the sole or rights-holding author or agent; B. That no part of the work violates or infringes upon any copyright; C. That there are or will be no rights, licenses, or commitments of any nature outstanding in favor of anyone who would or might impair or interfere with the publication of the box set (e.g., a conflict with KDP Select over exclusivity).

3. The box set term will begin upon publication and expire at the end of the day of 30 September 2016. David VanDyke/Reaper press LLC make all good faith efforts to ensure the box set is unpublished on all sites on 30 September 2016, barring delays beyond its control.

4. Control of the box set for pricing, presentation (e.g., cover and formatting), publication and promotion shall rest entirely with David VanDyke/Reaper Press LLC. The primary purpose of such actions shall be to generate the largest number of sales for the box set practical while maintaining a positive earnings balance. The secondary purpose of such actions shall be to generate earnings.

5. David VanDyke/Reaper Press LLC will generate and supply via email all participants with quarterly reports showing earnings and expenses through the end of calendar year 2016.

6. Accumulated net earnings (after all documented expenses) will be paid out equally among all participants within 30 days when either of these two conditions obtain: A. If net earnings per participant accumulate above U.S. $500 each (e.g., 10 participants, $5000), or; B. at the end of the box set term plus 90 days, i.e., by 31 December 2016. The intent of this provision is to ensure all earnings are paid out during the 2016 calendar tax year only. IRS tax documents (1099s) will be issued to all participants for their corresponding earnings, and all earnings will be reported to the IRS. David VanDyke/Reaper Press LLC is in no way responsible for participants’ tax liabilities. Any residual earnings paid after 31 December, 2016 (e.g., Select/KU KENPC royalties, which may dribble in for years depending on when the reader reads) shall become the sole property of David VanDyke/Reaper Press LLC.

7. All payments will be made by U.S. paper check, U.S. bank electronic transfer, or Paypal, at the discretion of each participant. Other arrangements may be made by request of each participant as long as they do not unduly burden David VanDyke/Reaper Press LLC. All transfer fees (such as PayPal fees) shall be the responsibility of the recipient, and all other expenses (e.g., postage) shall be deducted from the payout.

8. All participants shall make good faith efforts to promote the box set through ordinary and cost-free means such as social media, email lists, word of mouth, etc.

9. David VanDyke/Reaper Press LLC is also a participant and shall be entitled to one participant share of any box set earnings of each of the two box sets, Apocalyptic Fears I and II.

Signature and date