Corporate Resolution For Borrowing

Corporate resolution for borrowing specific amount. Company official authorized to do the borrowing is explicitly named.

A special meeting of the Board of Directors of Enter the name of corporation, Inc., was held on Enter date of meeting, at Enter place of meeting, pursuant to, and, upon a motion made regularly and in proper order, and seconded, the board of directors of Enter the name of corporation, agreed:

That the corporation shall borrow the original principal sum of $ Enter the authorized principal sum of the loan (Enter the authorized principal sum of the loan dollars) from Enter the name of bank bank, under such terms and conditions, including the pledging of collateral for the loan, and the opening or maintaining of deposit accounts, and such other terms as may be needful or required.

That the promissory notes, and any other certifications of indebtedness as well as any other warranties, bonds, indentures, and other agreements which may be required by Enter the name of bank, may be signed on behalf of the corporation by its Enter title of official to sign papers/negotiate, Enter name of officer to sign papers/negotiate.

Enter the name of corporation by:

Name of Secretary


Name of President

Attest, President

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