Kidderminster Self Storage

Lisle self-storage is the best relationship the very summit of. We have a substitute size of holders. We give the best relationship at an unassuming cost. It's single 120 Euro for dependably for a 20ft compartment. You can store your records and those things which are basic yet you need more space to store them. We have 24-hour high made security and CCTV cameras. We have free vehicle leaving and you don't need to pay additional cash for the grou... show more

Self storage in Kidderminster

About Us
❖ ‘Lisle Self Storage’ is one of the well-reputed self storage in Kidderminster.
• We have 3-acre large space and 200 containers.
• We have different size of containers which is starting from 20ft.
• We have latest security system with CCTV cameras.
• 24 Hours access to your container
• There is no fixed contract
• Free car Parking, Forklift
• All these facilities are starting from just 120 Euro per month for 20ft container.

Lisle Self Storage Kidderminster

Documents Storage
Self Storage Kidderminster provide you Documents Storage facility.
• You can store your documents and books here which you can’t store at
• Lisle Self Storage gives you different sizes and you don’t have to pay extra
size container money.
• You can access you documents any day any time.

Documents Storage

Personal Storage
Storage Kidderminster provide you Personal Stoage .
• For your personal storage you can choose your own container size which
can full fill your requirements.
• You don’t have to pay extra money for big size container which big space
you don’t use.
• Lisele Self Storage provide you Ground Containers and you don’t have to
pay extra money for ground containers.

Ground Storage

Business Storage
• Storage Kidderminster provide you Business Storage .
• In Business Storage service you can store your Office Furniture ,Machines
and office stuff.
• You can take your items when ever you want there is no fixed contract.
• We give 24 hour protection of your items

Business Storage

• You can access item any time
• Free Parking
• No fixed contract
• Forklift available
• No need of stairs and elevator
• No need to walk far

Wide Space

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