Riseup.net: Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our primary concern. Our goal is to retain as little information on you as possible while still retaining the ability to provide reliable service and prevent abuse of server resources.

Please delete your user data:

We collect user information from you when you make a request for service. Once your request is approved, you havetwo options:

1.  Leave intact the user information which you have provided. This information helps us troubleshoot problemswhich may arise. For example, if you forget your password this information might help us to confirm youridentity and reset your password.

2.  Delete your user information. If you are concerned about your privacy, we strongly suggest that you delete alltheuser information which you have provided. The drawback is that you will lose your account and all your mailif you forget your password. No exceptions. Riseup.net does not want to keep your user information. If wedon’t have your information, we cannot be forced to provide this data to a third party. It is our preferencethat you delete your information now. But the choice is up to you. For mail accounts, user information can bedeleted by visitingmail.riseup.net and clicking “change my settings.” For lists, you can edit the list descriptionand owners (and otherinformation) from the list admin interface once you are logged into lists.riseup.net.

We keep minimal logs:

Most Online Service Providers keep detailed records of all connections. In general, we do not keep informationwhich uniquely identifies you or could be used to build a profile of your usage and associations. We do not log IPaddresses. For troubleshooting, we may enable increased logging for brief periods of time. These extra logs aredeleted immediately after they are used.

We do not share data with anyone:

We do not share any user information with any other groups or individuals. Within the Riseup Collective, membersof the collective have access only to information which they need in order to perform their work.

We will defend your data:

We will actively fight any attempt to force Riseup Networks to disclose user information or logs.

We will not monitor your communications:

We will not read, search, or process any of your incoming or outgoing mail other than to protect you from virusesand spam or when directed to do so by you when troubleshooting.

Your data is encrypted:

The content of your communications, the calendar date of your last login, your addressbook, and all backups arestored in encrypted format.

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