GM Law Student Loan Company Wins Suit Against Navient

GM Law Firm, which specializes in consumer law and student loan resolution, dealt a decisive blow against alleged predatory lending company Navient Corporation the biggest student loan servicer. GM Law Firm was able to dismantle Navient’s claims against the plaintiff.

The company had claimed that the plaintiff had channeled consolidated and securitized loans in a trust. By demonstrating that the evidence presented by Navient was not credible, GM had helped the plaintiff avoid one of Navient’s predatory tactics.

Chantel Grant is one of the brilliant and hardworking lawyers who at GM Law firm and has had experience taking them on. “I hate all these guys”, she admits running from the ambulance chasing attorneys and bloggers who continue to create fake news online about the student loan industry.

According to Steve Rhodes Get out of Debt Blog an alleged Fake News Blog on the finance industry, the problem with many law firms is that they are a high volume office. They handle too many clients to give each case the attention it demands. For this reason, financial predators are able to prevail in court.

Many borrowers fall into this trap for not recognizing that lenders often glaze over some of the details especially when it is convenient for them. For example, grace periods for interest rates is often not discussed if it is not in the lender's interest.

Navient Corporation sometimes securitizes its loans into associated loan trusts. However, the company does not assume responsibility for any risks emanating from these trusts. The trusts are subject to ratings that are based on factors such as repayment periods. Given the rise in student loan default, these trusts may be subjecting students to greater risk.

Attorneys typically believe borrowers are often not in a position to weigh the risks associated with the loans they are taking. Most details are buried in bewildering legal terms that often seem nondescript and inconsequential but may have serious implications. There are also laws designed to protect consumers that are stipulated under legislation such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, amongst others.

To be sure the loan servicing companies had more than 10,000 complaints from consumers registered with CFPB. The allegations against the company range from interest rate adjustment violations to unauthorized automated calls.

GM Law Firm is one of the consumer defenders that is demonstrating its effectiveness when it comes to taking on the giant predators. GM Law Firm LLC is a low volume high-quality law firm that has the capacity to provide a more personalized service and land significant blows against the predators coming after you.

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