Child Care Provider Agreement. (C. Garner)

Childcare Provider Agreement.

This contract is made for the parent(s)/guardians: ____Aliana Thomas and Mr. Thomas___.

Here are the names of the Children the child care provider will care for:

_________Josiah Thomas__________________child’s name and date of birth _____________________________________child’s name and date of birth _____________________________________child’s name and date of birth

The payment for care shall be $180 per week and reflects a schedule as follows:

***Special Arrangement for $100 per week for one child.

Non-refundable $50 holding fee per child: __Waived__.

Arrival time: 6 am and Pick up time 4 pm on the following days, Monday-Friday (Time may vary between those times) The above times and days are not flexible. If parent is going to be late picking up the child, every effort must be made to contact the provider. A late pick up fee of $20 will be charged. Payment is due to the provider in advance of care and paid on Friday Morning of each week. Accepted method of payment include cash only. If a payment is not made on time, the following fee will apply: $20 for lack of time of payment to provider.

For the purpose of this contract agreement, overtime rates are considered by any amount of time that care occurs prior to the scheduled drop off time or after the scheduled pick up time. With advance notice by the parent and approval by the provider, the provider agrees to provide overtime care at a rate of $10 per hour if schedule permits after 4pm on any given day. Without advance notice by the parent and approval by the provider, the overtime rate will be $15 per hour.

Payments during Holidays, Vacations, and Other absences: The provider will not be open for business on the following Holidays: Labor Day, Veterans Day, Christmas week, day before, day of, and day after Thanksgiving, Birthdays (August 7th & Anniversary Feb 14th & April 27th) Parents are expected to pay for care on those Holidays. The provider will take vacation during the calendar year and will give parents at minimum 4 week’s notice of such upcoming vacations. Parents are not expected to pay for care on those vacation days. If a parent plans on taking a vacation and the child will not be in care, the provider must be given 4-6 weeks notice. Parents aren't expected to pay during their scheduled vacations.

Additional Services:

Including Saturday & Sunday.

$10 per hour for one Child $15 per hour for two children $20 per hour for three or more children.

Location, Time, and details are to be determined.

When the provider is ill and unable to provide care, she will make every effort to provide as much notice as possible. Parents are not expected to pay on provider sick days. When a child is ill, the parents are expected to make every effort to give the provider as much notice as possible. Parents are expected to pay on child sick days. If a child does not arrive for the day and no notice has been given to the provider, parents are still expected to pay. Additional charges: The provider will charge additional fees as follows: (i.e. for supplies, special trips, damaged property, if provider needs to drop off child, etc).

Termination Procedures: This contract may be terminated by the provider. A 4-6 week notice prior to the last date of care is required. The provider may immediately terminate this contract without any notice if payment is not made on time.


• If the provider chooses not to enforce any portion of the contract, it does not give up the provider’s right to enforce any other portion of the contract.

• The contract can be revised at any time by the provider if necessary (with notice).



The signatures below indicate agreement and policies with this contract.

The provider may change policies as needed with advance written notice.

Parent’s name Parent’s signature/date: _________________________________

Parent’s name Parent’s signature/date: _________________________________

Provider’s name Provider’s signature/date: Crystal Garner 10/01/2015

If the parent or legal guardian is under the age of 18, a co-signer must sign this agreement and act as guarantor to the contract and agree to be bound by all financial terms.

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