Mutual NDA with A La Carte Connections, LLC

A mutual NDA confirming confidentiality between A La Carte Connections, LLC and clients


A La Carte Connections, LLC (ALC) agrees that information not generally known to the public, to which ALC, and its members, staff, and/or representatives, will be exposed as a result of ALC's contractual relationship with "Your Company", is confidential information that belongs to you. This includes information developed by you, alone or with others, or entrusted to ALC by you. Your confidential information includes, without limitation, information relating to your trade secrets, know-how, procedures, accounting, marketing, business plans, inventions, pricing and fee policies (collectively, “Confidential Information”). ALC will hold your confidential Information in strict confidence, and not disclose or use it except as authorized by you and/or for your benefit. ALC's confidentiality obligations hereunder will not apply to any information which: (i) is or at any time becomes generally known to the public other than as a result of violation of your obligations hereunder; or (ii) is required to be disclosed by your pursuant to any law, rule, regulation or order of a court of competent jurisdiction, provided that ALC immediately notifies you in order that you may take such action as it deems necessary to protect its interests.

ALC is expressly authorized to share confidential Information with its members, staff, and/or representatives only to the extent necessary to further the purposes of its contractual relationship with you, and the terms of this agreement shall apply with equal force as to all such persons.

This agreement may be modified, supplemented and/or amended only by a writing that both ALC and Your Company, specifically the managing member Rachel Zemser, sign. This agreement, as it may be so amended, is the complete and final expression of ALC's agreement with Your Company on the subjects covered, and shall control over any other statement, representation or agreement on these subjects.

I warrant and represent that I have authority to bind Company, its employees, members, staff, and representatives and on all matters covered herein.

This document is being electronically signed by both ALC and YOUR COMPANY

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