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Date: [date]

This is a contract between Pokemon Revolution Online and ____________, hereafter referred to as staff.

Each staff gives Pokemon Revolution Online permission to use and modify submitted work free of charge, without restrictions. The work of each staff member is voluntary and will not be remunerated.

User and game data must be treated sensitively. The publication or sharing with a third party of this data is strictly prohibited.

In the case of a rule violation or inadequate behaviour, the exclusion from the team threatens. Depending on the severity level, the player account can also be punished, banned or deleted.

Inadequate behaviour can be derived from the official Pokemon Revolution rules.

To confirm identity, each staff must identify themselves at admission. These data are used for identification purposes only and are not shared or sold. The protection of the staffs and their data has high priority.

By signing, I confirm that I have read, acknowledged and accepted the entire contract and all terms and conditions contained therein.

Everyone should sign above and keep a copy for their records.

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