Venue Rental Agreement - January 16, 2020

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Rental agreement for a venue.

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Rumors Lounge (hereafter referred to as Rumors Lounge ), and T&K Music & Promotions hereby agree to the following terms for the rental of the Rumors Lounge and 3124 North Main St. Fort Worth,TX.76106:

1. Rumors Lounge agrees to provide its theater with seats, light and sound systems, backstage area, dressing rooms, lobby, restrooms, and parking lot for the duration of this rental, exact dates as specified in #4.

2. T&K Music & Promotions is responsible for staffing their own door person, but not liable to staff the box office, security, parking attendants, light and sound operators, set, costumes, equity waivers and rights to the material being presented.

3. T&K Music & Promotions agrees to pay Rumors Lounge a total rental fee in the amount of DOLLAR AMOUNT for NUMBER OF PERFORMANCES and NUMBER OF REHEARSALS/PREVIEWS/LOADINGS. The rental fee payment agreement is as follows: Renter takes complete 100% door sales and Rumors Lounge takes 100% all bar sales issued that night.

4. T&K Music & Promotions will have use of the aforementioned spaces during the following rental times :

February 22,2020 from 8pm to 2am for a Hip Hop Showcase.

5. T&K Music & Promotions agrees to at all times keep all areas of the first floor of the building clean and the passageways clear and accessible to persons with wheelchairs. T&K Music & Promotions agrees to properly dispose of all food, trash and garbage at the close of each night. Restrooms will be cleaned and re-stocked at regular intervals by Rumors Lounge .

T&K Music & Promotions has permission to load-in on February 22,2020 between 8:00pm and 8:30pm, and their load-out is to be completed on February 23,2020 by 2:15 am. As part of the strike, T&K Music & Promotions agrees to remove and properly dispose of all sets and materials brought into the facilities at VENUE'S ADDRESS, unless they receive specific permission from Rumors Lounge to leave certain materials behind.

T&K Music & Promotions may place posters and information tables in the building's lobby, and place their own flyers with publicity information on front door of Rumors Lounge  during the hours of rental by T&K Music & Promotions

These terms are hereby agreed to by Rumors Lounge and T&K Music & Promotions:


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Rumors Lounge 

3124 North Main St. Fort Worth,TX.76106



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T&K Music & Promotions


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