Website Migration Agreement (FullSteam Labs)

This is the standard work agreement template for Web Design Projects.


Statement of Work

Offer Availability: Terms and prices offered will be available to you for 30 days.

Work will be performed by: FullSteam Labs LLC.

Total cost of work: TOTAL COST.

Project completion deadline: DEADLINE.

Invoicing and payment schedule: 50% up front and remainder upon completion.


Developers: FullSteam Labs LLC

Address: P.O. Box 2111, Asheville, NC 28802

Email for Notice: [email protected]



Email for Notice: CLIENT EMAIL

Terms & Conditions

Migration Services

Overview. The Developers will migrate the Client's website in the form of it's original menu structure, page content, and special features as accurately as possible. Styles and aesthetics such as color, texture, and typeface will be copied along with a close representation of the header and footer of the original website. The menu functionality may change slightly on mobile versions, but will work correctly on mobile devices.

Change Request. A "Change Request" is any request for work outside the scope of the Statement of Work. If such a request is made, the Developer will notify the Client and proceed only if the Client agrees to be invoiced hourly for the additional work. Developer will supply a time estimate and hourly rates must be agreed upon before proceeding. The Developer may also extend its delivery schedule.

If the Change Request alters the scope of the project by more than 20%, the Developer may submit a new proposal to the Client.


Invoice. The Developer will invoice the Client according to the Statement of Work. Client shall pay all invoices within 15 days of receipt.

Taxes. Client is responsible for paying all applicable taxes, including sales, use and value added taxes.

Late Payment. Overdue balances may be charged a monthly service fee of 1.5% (or the greatest amount allowed by law).


Timeframe. The Developer will use commercially reasonable efforts to perform the Services within the schedule outlined in the Statement of Work. Developer's delivery timeframe depends upon the Client’s prompt response to any questions or requests for Client materials. Client must respond to Developer inquiries within a maximum of 3 business days in order for initial deadlines to be met. In cases of late response, the Developer is allowed as many days as the tardiness in response from the Client to complete the project.

Client Responsibilities. Client must promptly: (a) coordinate any decision-making activities with 3rd parties; (b) provide Client Content in a form suitable for reproduction or incorporation into the Deliverables; and (c) proofread deliverables.

Forms of Contact. The Developer is available via phone and e-mail during regular business hours and workdays between 9am and 5pm. E-mails can be sent to Developer any time, but responses can only be expected during regular business hours.

Limitation of Liability

The services and the work product of the Developer are sold “as is.” In no event shall Developer be liable for any lost data or content, lost profits, business interruption or for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages arising out of or relating to the materials or the services provided by Developer, even if Developer has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


By signing below, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined for your respective party in the Agreement described above.