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  1. Power/Network Outages.  Customer acknowledges and understands that the Phone Service will not work if any of the necessary Equipment is unplugged or otherwise disconnected from necessary power sources.  Customer further acknowledges and understands that the Phone Service may not function in the event of power failure or if Customer's broadband cable connection is disrupted or not working properly.  Should there be an interruption to the power supply to Customer's home, the Phone Service may be powered by backup battery supply, but the inclusion of a battery backup does not ensure that the Phone Service will work in all circumstances.  In the event that there is a loss of power or other problem that disrupts Suddenlink's network, Phone Service will not be available until the network is restored.  Cordless telephones powered by electricity will not function during a power outage, even if the Phone Service is functioning properly.  CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES AND UNDERSTANDS THAT SUDDENLINK DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT E911 OR 911 DIALING WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE EVENT OF A POWER FAILURE OR FAILURE OF THE SUDDENLINK NETWORK.
  2. Enhanced 911 Service.  Enhanced 911 ("E911"), or 911 service is a feature of the Phone Service.  Prior to initiation of Phone Service, Customer must provide Suddenlink the valid street address where the Phone Service will be utilized ("Registered Address").  Customer agrees not to move the telephone cable modem ("EMTA") from the location it was originally installed.   IF CUSTOMER MOVES THE EMTA FROM THE REGISTERED ADDRESS, CUSTOMER'S PHONE SERVICE MAY NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY AND E911/911 OPERATORS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THE CORRECT LOCATION OF A CALLER IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY.
  3. Customer May Not "Opt-out" of Suddenlink's E911 Service.  Customer acknowledges that pursuant to federal law the provision of E911 or 911 service to Customer is provided as an express condition of Service by Suddenlink. As a result E911 or 911 service is not an optional feature and customer may not "opt-out," or decline to accept, Suddenlink's E911 or 911 service.
  4. Resetting Equipment after a Power Failure. A power failure or disruption in Service may require Customer to reset or reconfigure equipment prior to utilizing the Phone Service or E911 or 911 dialing. A power failure may also include a battery failure in the EMTA. If Customer experiences a battery failure in the EMTA, Suddenlink will provide a replacement battery and installation instructions.
  5. Use of TDD or TTY Devices.  Customer acknowledges that E911/911 service may not be fully compatible with all types of TDD or TTY devices for the hearing impaired. Suddenlink does not guarantee or offer emergency services compatible with any TDD/TTY or other hearing impaired devices.
  6. Home Security Systems and other Non-voice Communications Equipment.  Customer acknowledges that the Phone Service may not be compatible with certain third party home security, medical monitoring and other non-voice communications systems.  It is the Customer's responsibility to test Customer's home security, medical monitoring system or other non-voice communications system.  Customer acknowledges that these systems may not function properly in the event of a power outage or disruption in Suddenlink's broadband network service.
  7. Calling Plans.  Customer expressly agrees that Customer will not have the option of subscribing to a "local only" or "long-distance only" service, nor will Customer be able to subscribe to a separate local, toll or long distance provider for use in conjunction with the Phone Service.
  1. Usage-Based Charges.  In addition to Customers monthly recurring charges, Customer agrees to pay Suddenlink for all usage-based charges including, but not limited to, collect calls, charges for calls to Alaska and Hawaii, international calls, directory assistance, and/or Suddenlink assisted calls.
  2. Taxes.  The Customer is responsible for the payment of any applicable sales, use, gross receipts, excise, access or other local, state and federal taxes, fees or surcharges (however designated) based upon the provision of Phone Service, all of which will be separately designated on Customer's invoice.  It shall be the responsibility of the Customer to pay any such taxes that subsequently become applicable retroactively.
  3. Regulatory Fees.  Customer also agrees to pay any applicable fees or payment obligations in connection with the Phone Service that may be imposed by governmental or quasi-governmental bodies in connection with the sale, installation, use, or provision of the Phone Service and any regulatory fees that Suddenlink invoices Customer for to help defray Suddenlink's contribution to municipal, state and federal government programs in which Suddenlink participates, including but not limited to, universal service, telecom relay services for the visually/hearing impaired, 911/E911 programs and associated infrastructure.  Suddenlink, in its sole discretion, has the right to determine what fees, taxes and surcharges are due by Customer and to collect and remit them to the governmental authority.  The Suddenlink Parties shall in no way be liable to Customer for the collection or remittance of any fees, taxes and surcharges.
  4. Surcharges.  A surcharge may be imposed on  charges for Phone Service originating from states which levy, or assert a claim of right to levy, a gross receipts tax on Suddenlink's operations in any such state, or a tax on interstate access charges incurred by Suddenlink for originating access to telephone exchanges in that state. This surcharge is based on state imposed receipts tax and other state taxes imposed directly or indirectly upon Suddenlink by virtue of, and measured by, the gross receipts or revenues of Suddenlink in that state and/or payment of interstate access charges in that state. Surcharges may also be imposed for international directory assistance, international mobile termination fees charged by foreign wireless telecommunication providers, operator assisted calls, and calls made to premium services such as chat lines.  Any applicable surcharge will be shown as a separate line item on the Customer's monthly invoice.
  5. Charges Caused by Third Parties.  Customer is responsible in all respects (including payment obligations) for all use of the Phone Service under Customer's account, whether or not Customer actually authorized the use.  Customer will be responsible for ensuring that all use of the Phone Service under Customer's account fully complies with this Agreement.
  6. Casual Calling Charges.  Customer agrees to pay for any charges arising out of the use of any "casual calling" (e.g., 10-10-333) services provided by any third party.
  7. Pay-Per-Call/900 Calls.  It is Customer's sole responsibility to pay all charges or fees assessed by any pay-per-call service provider (if such service is available).  Suddenlink does not assist such providers in billing or collecting for their services, and Suddenlink will not intervene on Customer's behalf in a billing dispute with pay-per-call providers.
  8. Wiring.  Customer agrees that Suddenlink and its authorized agents may disconnect Customer's existing service to the local telephone company, and that Suddenlink or its authorized agent may disconnect, rearrange, splice or otherwise manipulate the existing telephone wiring in or on Customer's premises in order to connect the premises to the Phone Service. 
  1. Unlawful Use.  Customer will not use the Phone Service for any unlawful purpose, or for any use which Customer has not obtained all required governmental approvals, authorizations, licenses, consents and permits.  Nor will Customer use any features, functions, or other inputs to the Phone Service (including the features, functions and services of a third party) for any unlawful purpose, or for any use which Customer has not obtained all required governmental approvals, authorizations, licenses, consents and permits.  Suddenlink may terminate Customer's Phone Service without notice if Suddenlink finds, in Suddenlink's sole judgment, that Customer's use is unauthorized or fraudulent.
  2. No Commercial Use.  Customer agrees not to use the Phone Service for any commercial reason, including telemarketing, medical transcription, facsimile broadcasting, or other enterprise directed at receiving income or profit. Unlimited Domestic Long Distance pricing applies to direct-dialed domestic person-to-person calls from home phone only. If Customer uses the Phone Service for any other purpose,  Suddenlink may immediately suspend, restrict or cancel your service without prior notice
  3. Interference/Hazardous Conditions.  Suddenlink may shut down Customer's Phone Service without prior notice if Suddenlink finds, in Suddenlink's sole judgment, that Customer's use of the Service is causing interference to others or Customer has moved or tampered or allowed others to tamper with any Equipment.  Suddenlink may also shut down Customer's Phone Service without prior notice if Suddenlink finds, in Suddenlink's sole judgment, that hazardous conditions exist that would make Customer's continued use of the Service unsafe.

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