Natural Facial Acne Scrubs

Natural Facial Acne Scrubs

Eva Mulia Clinic - Using scrubs on the face is one of the effective methods that are useful for removing dead and dull skin cells. In addition, scrubs can also overcome excess oil on the skin of the face. You can try various natural scrubs to get rid of zits and oil on your face.

Causes of acne and oiliness

There are a number of things that cause the face to become pimply and oily like fatty foods, choose cosmetics to balance hormones. If we want a bright, clean face free of oil, from now on, eat less fatty foods. Eating healthy foods contributes to hormones that are not balanced so that the production of oil in the face is not excessive.

Facial Scrubs with Pimples

If you want to do facial treatment with acne. We have 5 natural scrub recommendations that you can try at home. Here's the information for you.

1. Natural Scrub from Oatmeal

Not only healthy to be used as a breakfast menu, oatmeal is also able to overcome oily skin that causes stubborn acne.

2. The second natural scrub that you can try at home is coffee powder. Yes, coffee powder is considered capable of reducing acne and oil on the skin can also reduce wrinkles on the face.

3. Natural Scrubs from Lemon Orange Juice

Lemon juice can make your face free of excess oil and brighten your skin tone. How to make natural scrubs from lemon juice:

4. Natural Scrubs from Corn Flour

Facial scrubs from corn flour are also proven to absorb oil on the skin of the face and make the facial texture smooth.

5. Natural Scrubs from Sugar and Honey

Sugar is believed to be effective as a natural scrub for all skin types, including acne. Coupled with honey which contains vitamin C and amino acids to prevent skin infections.

6. Natural Scrubs from Papaya and Pineapple

Papaya and pineapple are one of 12 acne remover that can help remove dead skin cells and make the face become bright again.

7. Natural Scrubs from Almonds and Olive Oil

Facial scrubs from almonds and olive oil are proven to make skin smoother and white. Almonds are often used as moisturizers and cleansers for acne and oily skin.

source: Eva Mulia