Developing a sense of self in adulthood

There is nothing to deny the fact that when we are kids, we don't know ourselves.

There is nothing to deny the fact that when we are kids, we don't know ourselves.

When we were kids,

we never experienced our existence. We never knew that we were there. We use to learn things that we see around us.

"My mom says to my elders, to act finely, as he (referring to me) will learn from you guys" - It is true that kids are total copycats. They like to do anything that is new to them.

Actually, when we were children, our body and mind are extremely new to this planet, so it just tries and experiments new stuff on it. But after growing up and becoming an adult, we can

"The only difference between me as a kid and I as an adult is age"- This kind of mentality is rubbish, it's not true. Persons who agree with the quote are really worthless, they are nothing.

As age is only the count of the number of years we have spent our life on this planet. Becoming an adult is something else, its an honour, or a kind of asset.

An asset that gives us the freedom to think and take decision independently.

It makes us a person, or say being an adult makes us realize us our existence, we develop feelings and emotions.

Being an adult makes us aware of our own self. We begin to add value to ourselves, our thinking, our ideas and our beliefs.

However, developing a sense of self in adulthood doesn't mean that you are selfish, it only means that you are mature and mature enough to make your own decisions.

With personal thinking and perspective, we try to figure out ourselves, and that is okay, that is not bad.

But it should be noted that those who are mentally tortured and punished and harassed from their childhood, never attains the self-presence. They can't develop their own ways, can't make decisions, can't choose their own paths. They are actually scared to go against the restrictions.

In adulthood, developing a sense of self is normal. We all become elders, and we have to develop a sense of self. It makes us independent.

It helps us to remain self-standing. By creating a sense of self, we actually begin to hate something which has a motive against us. Every single stuff that is against our self-choice and preference simply becomes stuff of hatred and dislike.

Developing a sense of self makes us active. It pushes us to protest anything that is against us.

It pushes us to dominate ourselves. Dominating in the sense, we try to follow in our own path, even if our friends, our peers are against us. Developing a sense of self in adulthood is a miraculous feeling for every adult.

Sometimes, when we are away from our family, residing in some unknown place for the first time, the sense of self helps us discovering many miracles within us.

Maybe, we face many strange behaviours, frowns and comebacks, but it will ultimately reach us to the destination with the best solutions.

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