Termination of Occupancy Before End of Lease

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TO: Landlord's Name

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It has been ______ months since we first brought to your attention the need for several repairs on our apartment. Since you have not responded to our letters or phone calls, and have not begun to work to repair the problems at our apartment, we feel that you have broken our lease. You have also violated the “statutory covenant to repair” provided for by Michigan law. Since you have broken our contract, and show no sign of accepting your legal responsibility to maintain the premises, we intend to terminate the occupancy of our apartment on or before ______________________.

We understand your responsibility to inspect the apartment and inform us of any damages—and return the undisputed portion of our security deposit to us—within 30 days of the end of our occupancy of the apartment. We also understand that if you do not submit the above information to us within that time period—or go to court to retain our deposit (should we dispute your claim) within 45 days of the end of our occupancy—we may legally file suit for twice the amount of our security deposit. Since YOU are responsible for breaking the lease, we will not accept a list of damages which includes charges for rent lost for the remainder of our lease.

If you wish to discuss this matter further, contact us at _________________________.


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