The Ass

The word ass is close to my heart

The word ass is close to my heart because I have realized that it is one of the words I use most often, even though I rarely talk about buttocks. Swear-speaking listeners noticed that when I speak German, I use this certain word very often and I was also asked what the word means because it must be a really great word if I use it so often. I then translated it literally and tried to explain to the uncomprehending faces that it is not about the body part but about everything else that is thinkable.

Without the help of my supervisor Magnus P. Ängsal this would not have been possible, because I would never have been able to do a serious work on this topic on my own. The wise advice and the help to find suitable scientific formulations have brought the seriousness and relevance of this topic to the fore.

I would also like to thank Tobias van Hal, who listened to me with endless patience when I enthusiastically told him about new phrases using the word ass worship. Since I translated these phrasemes into Swedish, it couldn't have been more entertaining for him than when someone with a beard stands in the mailbox or puts it in the blue cupboard.

His interpretation of the phrasemes as a non-native speaker gave me valuable insights.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all those who (without suspecting anything bad) contributed to the body of research with their incredibly creative and often humorous phrases. Without you I would have fallen on my ass like this, maybe I would have gotten my ass kicked for nothing and all the work would have been for the ass because it would have gone right past every ass. Keep it up!