Notice To Quit Or Pay Rent

Notice to quit or pay rent.

To: Enter the name of the tenant

Enter street address of tenant

Enter the city, state zip code of tenant

Re: Enter description of rented premises

Rental due for the premises described above are due for Enter period of overdue rental, in a total amount of $ Enter (in numerals) the past due and present rental due (Enter (in numerals) the past due and present rental due dollars.) Pursuant to Enter state where premises are located law and the lease on these premises, you must either pay all rental due no later than Enter the number of days allowed for payment days, together with any late fees, or vacate the premises no later than Enter date by which premises must be vacated if not paid.

If all rental which is past due is not paid, legal or other enforced collection action shall be taken to recover the rental. If permitted by law, legal costs will also be added to the amounts due.

This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information gained may be used to collect this debt. The creditor is Enter the name of the creditor (property owner). If you dispute this debt in writing, verification will be provided.

Dated: _________________________


For Enter the name of landlord/property manager, Landlord

Time posted/delivered:

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