Kalon eSports Competitive Contract

Kalon eSports Competitive Contract


4.1 MEMBER shall receive his percentage of revenue derived from small tournaments and large events after Kalon Esports receives their twenty percent (20%) from tournaments and large events that they sponsored. The MEMBER will also get one hundred percent (100%) of revenue derived from their respective personal streams on Twitch.

4.2 Kalon Esports shall receive one hundred percent (100%) of revenue derived from promotion and advertising of sponsor's, unless previously agreed upon in writing.

4.3 MEMBER will be eligible for monthly salary ($25 AUD a month for Comp 1 Team) ($15 AUD a month for Comp 2 Team) at the end of set month.

4.4 MEMBER agrees to play matches to the best of their ability when selected to participate in team and individual practice.

4.5 Member agrees to practise consistently (agreed upon by leader of that set team) and to be available for online comps/scrims unless agreed upon by leader of that set team.

4.6 MEMBER understands that they represent Kalon Esports, and shall not act in a bad manner including, but not limited to, cheating, violence, abuse, and racism.


5.1 In the case that a player breaks the code of conduct at a tournament in which there is a prize or Kalon Esports, or their sponsors are in any way financing then that player forfeits their share of the ending prize. If a situation is not included in this contract, Kalon Esports may take the matter to court. Person or persons signing this contract may not take any member of Kalon Esports to court for any legal matter. Should a player break the code of conduct, only that player will have the right to dismissal. If the player begins a LAN event at a venue, they have the right to finish the final or LAN event and collect their rightful share of the prize. If this is not the case, the player may be dismissed instantly.Legal action may not be taken upon Kalon Esports.

5.2 In the event that the MEMBER goes an extended period of time (1 week warning, 2 weeks termination) without playing tournaments and matches, or stops participating in the organization entirely, without prior notice to an owner (Georgiana or Josh), this contract will be voided by the owner of Kalon Esports. Based under the circumstances, this could result in either the member being not payed for that specific month or dropped from Kalon Esports. In the event where there are no agreed upon or active online/LAN tournaments/matches being held, this stipulation will not apply. Any active participation between tournaments that result in promotion of Kalon Esports will be included as participation, and therefore, meet this part of the agreement.

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