Dodona Statement of Work

This is a standard SOW to accompany a master services agreement (MSA). The SOW provides the specific scope of services to be provided to the Client.

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Statement of Work


This Statement of Work (the “SOW”) is entered into on the specified date below by AGENCY (“Partner”) and CLIENT (the “Company”) pursuant to the terms of the Master Services Agreement (the “Agreement”), dated as of DATE, between the Partner and the Company which is herein incorporated by this reference. In the event of a conflict between any terms of the Master Services Agreement and terms of this SOW, the applicable terms of this MSA shall control.


Project details

Project Fee


Payment Terms

Payments are due following the receipt of each invoice and are tax inclusive.

Change Control

Throughout any project, changes are required to deal with unanticipated incidents and/or new information that arise during the course of the project lifecycle. This change control process is meant to put in place a strict process to ensure changes are tracked and approved appropriately throughout the project. In cases where changes are identified, a change request will be processed as follows:

  • The Project Manager at the Partner will create a Change of Scope Order that documents the relevant information, including: change description, rationale (e.g. potential benefit), impact assessment, effort, and associated cost (if applicable) to implement the change.
  • This Change of Scope Order will be submitted to the Company and reviewed for final approval.
  • For approved change requests, the Project Manager at the Partner will incorporate the change(s) into the project schedule (if applicable) and communicate the change to the appropriate team members.


The term of this Agreement shall remain in effect and be binding upon the parties commencing upon signature and concluding when all aspects of the project are complete. Partner and Company have the right to mutually amend this contract and scope of work at any time. All Terms are as described in the MSA document.




Agency Rep

Client Rep

Agency Rep Title

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