Statement of Work Template (1)

Statement of Work




DATE: AUGUST 31, 2007

  1. 1. Project objectives

The objectives of theproject are as follows:

NOTE: are NOT objectives of this project.

  1. 2. Project scope

The scope of theproject is as follows:

NOTE: Any items not listed here are considered out of scope for this project; the addition of out of scope items to the Project Scope will not be made without prior approval and authorisation from and will be handled through Change Requests or as separate SOWs.

  1. 3. Project deliverable(s)

The deliverable(s) for this project are as follows:

  1. a.

Thiswill be provided inand will contain the following:

  1. b.

Thiswill be provided inand will contain the following:

  1. 4. Estimated project timeline

The following table outlines the effort estimates and estimated costs for each activity/task to be performed as part of this project. The total estimated effort is currently days. Note: until , project duration and the Estimated Project Timeline is TBD.










  1. 5. Estimated fees and expenses

The Estimated Fees for the project are £. This estimate is based on's current understanding of the Project Objectives as set out in section 1 above, and of the Project Scope as set out in section 2 above.

Note: Any required changes to Project Objectives or Project Scope will be handled through Change Requests or separate SOWs.

The Estimated Fees do not include applicable taxes, travel costs, other expenses, or content or other materials purchased from third parties on behalf of . No expenses will be incurred on behalf of without prior approval and authorisation from . will invoice travel time at £ per hour.

  1. 6. Time and materials

All Services outlined under Project Scope will be provided on a time and materials basis. will invoice bi-weekly based on hours worked and at a rate of £ per hour.

  1. 7. Payment schedule

All invoices are due and payable within days of receipt by.

  1. 8. Authorization

Work cannot begin until authorisation has been received from.

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