GunPoint Counter Strike: Global Offensive Team Contract

GunPoint CS:GO Team Contract

GunPoint Memorandum of Understanding

This document, was made and signed the day of September 3rd 2015, by and between the GunPoint Staff, and the Collective Members of the GunPoint Counter-Strike Team, regarding the understanding of terms between both parties in joining as one.

And whereas the GunPoint Staff and the Collective Members of the GunPoint Counter-Strike Team have agreed to enter into an understanding in which they will have mutual comprehension of the end goal, which will result in the best situation for both the organization and all involved, collaborating to follow the terms and conditions of the project stated below.


The mission of this memorandum is to create compromise between both parties, and accomplish an understanding between members on what is best for the GunPoint Organization.


GunPoint Counter Strike Team operations and services shall include, but are not limited to the following:

(i) All players involved participating in scheduled matches. In the event that a player is not able to make it to a match, a sub must be found by responsibility of the team captain, Philip Pompetti, or a person whom the job is specifically allocated to. In the event of a permanently lost member, a permanent replacement will receive the same opportunity of the replaced as stated in this agreement. The replaced member will need to be acceptable to both the GunPoint Staff and the members of the Counter Strike team in order to ensure continuity in the agreement. If the member is found not acceptable to either party, then they will not be bound to any of the stated points of this memorandum. A substitute/fill-in player is someone who will only be temporary, and as such, will not be bound to the terms of this agreement.

(ii) As a team, all players agree to participate in the organization offering ideas and advice, as well as participating in group discussions or business meetings. To be streamlined as possible, participation in offering ideas to the business side of GunPoint will be dealt with by Philip Pompetti and Nick Mumper only. No other member of the Counter Strike team is obligated to participate directly. Although they are the only two members presenting ideas/advice/discussion, it will include anything conveyed by the other members of the team as well so all voices are heard.

(iii) In the event that the team goes an extended period of time (2 weeks warning, 3 weeks termination) without playing tournaments and matches, or stops participating in the organization entirely, without prior knowledge/advance by an owner or staff member, this document will be voided by the owners of GunPoint, thus resulting in the team’s being dropped. In the event where there are no agreed upon or active online/LAN tournaments/matches being held, this stipulation will not apply. Any active participation between tournaments that result in promotion of the GunPoint brand will be included as participation, and therefore, meet this part of the agreement.

(iv) With regard to the legal aspects of the Counter Strike members for any agreements (including this document), all decisions are authorized to be made via the spokesmen Philip Pompetti and/or Nick Mumper. No other member is obligated to directly agree with the terms of this agreement, but will be held liable by anything these two spokesmen agree or disagree to.

3. COOPERATION (GunPoint Staff)

GunPoint Staff operations and services shall include, but are not limited to the following:

(i) The GunPoint Staff is dedicated to a minimum, but not maximum, of six months of collaboration with Philip Pompetti, Austin Dean, Nick Mumper, Hunter Desmond and Anton Kuzmin.

(ii) The GunPoint Staff hereby agree to bestow all provisions listed below when their respective options become, and are readily available. Constant transparency and communication for a timeline when these options are available will be a stipulation of this agreement. Failure to provide a mutual reliable timeline from the GunPoint staff will result in nullification of the entire memorandum.


GunPoint agrees to provide the following provisions for all members of the team, based on the terms above.

(i) Funding into online leagues, tournaments, and entry fees to LAN events. Distribution of team apparel for use in promoting the business via streaming and social interaction in personal lives (school, work, etc...).

(ii) Specifically, any prize money will first be allocated back to GunPoint for re-investment not to surpass the sum of the originally invested amount to participate in the corresponding event. However, discussion will be conducted by both parties for the diversification of remaining prize winnings before the original investment has been made.

(iii) Social media design (if applicable) for services including but not limited to:

• Twitter

• Twitch

• YouTube

• Facebook

(iv) Promotion of all members on the team, thus helping further each member’s personal brand. In this matter the GunPoint Staff also requests that each member represent “GunPoint” through their gaming social media as well. This includes using GunPoint based social media design throughout the lifetime of the relationship, and using the “GunPoint” name in all tournaments, leagues, and LAN events participated in. GunPoint as a brand will be represented more specifically in ALL member's gaming social media (banners/icons/descriptions), as well as SteamID's with "GP" at the end for maximum in-game exposure and uniformity.

By signing, there is binding agreement to these terms:

GunPoint Staff: __________________________ __________________________

Team Members: __________________________ __________________________