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Skype.com - Trademark Guidelines - Version 1

Trademark Guidelines from Skype.com. The live version of this document is available at http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/legal/terms/tra.... This document is a part of Docracy's Terms of Service Tracker project, which tracks changes to terms of service and privacy policy documents of many of the world's top websites.

1. Introduction

These guidelines set out how third parties may use or otherwise refer to trade marks, service marks, trade names, signs, logos, icons, slogans, banners, screen shots of the Skype user interface, trade dress, links, sounds and other brand features belonging to Skype (the “Skype Brand Elements”).

At Skype, our reputation and brand are extremely important to us. We want our customers to have a safe and secure experience with our communications platform products and we need to ensure that we protect our reputation and brand accordingly. The Skype Brand Elements are valuable assets to us and are protected by applicable trade mark, copyright and other intellectual property laws.

2. The general rule

We do not allow third parties to use the Skype Brand Elements unless they have either received prior written permission from us or unless the proposed use falls within extremely limited exceptions: see section 4 “Limited exceptions to the general rule” below.

You must ensure that you adhere to these Trade Mark Guidelines or any other guidelines issued by us from time to time, for example, in relation to the size, colour scheme, typeface and prominence of the Skype Brand Elements. We may modify any of the Skype Brand Elements at any time, and accordingly you should check this webpage regularly for updates to these guidelines to ensure that your use conforms to our current guidelines.

3. Permissions from Skype

(a) If you already have a written agreement with Skype

If you already have a written agreement with Skype which allows you to use some of the Skype Brand Elements, that agreement will govern your rights to use those Skype Brand Elements, in addition to these Trade Mark Guidelines. In the event of conflict between your agreement and these Trade Mark Guidelines, the terms of your agreement will prevail.

(b) If you do not have a written agreement with Skype

If you do not already have a written agreement with Skype which governs your proposed use of the Skype Brand Elements you must request prior written permission from Skype for your proposed use of the relevant Skype Brand Elements, as explained below, unless your use falls within the exceptions listed in section 4 below.

To request permission, for example, to use screen shots in academic text books or in films, you will need to send an email with your request to [email protected]. Your request should provide details of which Skype Brand Elements you wish to use, as well as a detailed proposal of how you will be using those elements. You cannot use the Skype Brand Elements until we have expressly granted you permission. Any change to your initial proposal requires that you make an additional request for that use.

If you receive permission from Skype to use any Skype Brand Elements, these Trade Mark Guidelines govern that use, in addition to any specific requirements set out in the permissions. Skype reserves the right to withdraw its permission to use the Skype Brand Elements at any time, whereupon you agree that you will immediately cease any and all use of the relevant Skype Brand Elements.

Any permission we may give you is subject to Skype retaining all right, title and interest in and to the Skype Brand Elements. In addition, all goodwill arising out of any use of the Skype Brand Elements by you will be for the sole benefit of Skype. Such permission is hereby conditioned on your agreement that you will not at any time now or in the future challenge or assist others to challenge the validity of the Skype Brand Elements.

4. Limited exceptions to the general rule

If you do not have our express written agreement/permission to use the Skype Brand Elements, you may still use certain restricted Skype Brand Elements in specific limited circumstances, but ONLY as set out below in this section 4 and section 5 below.

(a) Use of our Word Marks to refer factually to our company or our products

You may use certain of our Word Marks (see selected list of Word Marks at the end of this document) in order to identify the Skype group of companies or its products, but you may not use our icons, logos, taglines or any other features of the Skype Brand Elements.

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