WordPress researcher agreement

An agreement for researchers working on user research efforts for the open-source WordPress project.

You have been selected to participate in a user research study conducted by WordPress, the open-source project. Because user research involves collecting and processing private data about individuals, the project requires that you are willing to enter into a confidentiality agreement with respect to the data collected.

By signing below, you agree not to reveal any information about the participants, information that the participants share, or the information collected regarding them (for example, the participants’ name, location, website address, contact information, the participants’ opinions and thoughts shared during research sessions, what is contained on the audio recordings or in the written transcripts), collectively “research information”, to anyone other than the researchers. You also agree not to discuss anything regarding the research information collected in this study with anyone other than the other researcher(s).

This means that you will:

• keep all the research information shared with you confidential by not discussing or sharing the research information in any form or format (e.g., recordings, transcripts, notes, findings) with anyone other than the researcher(s).

• keep all research information in any form or format (e.g., recordings, transcripts, notes, findings) secure while it is in your possession.

• after consulting with the lead researcher(s), erase or destroy all copies of research information in any form or format regarding this research project when you have completed the research tasks, and erase or destroy all copies when instructed to do so by the lead researcher(s) or WordPress

• not store any private, potentially identifying user data (e.g., name, address, contact information, website, IP address) unless strictly required and requested to do so by the Lead Researcher, and destroy all private, potentially identifying user data immediately upon completing the research tasks.

• only use the research information for purposes of this research study or the WordPress project.

By signing below you are indicating that you have read and understand the above agreement and that you will follow all of the specified conditions.


This letter constitutes a binding legal agreement between you and WordPress Foundation (“WordPress”). If you have any questions about the agreement’s content or are concerned about signing it, please let the research coordinator know. This letter of agreement states the entire understanding between you and WordPress concerning your participation in our research program. This Agreement shall be construed pursuant to the laws of California and the United States. Any changes shall be effective only if made in writing and signed by you and WordPress.

I understand and agree to the terms indicated above and give my authorization to be recorded.

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