Deja Vu/Deja View Contract for Downtown PKB

This contract is for a project between the designer and client.


Project Contract

April 3, 2016

Prepared for:
Wendy Shriver, Executive Director
Downtown Parkersburg
[email protected]

Prepared by:
Leah Baker, Graphic Designer
[email protected]



Creating a logo and map for their event “Deja Vu” or “Deja View”. Including any marketing materials if requested
such as posters, signage, etc.

Scope of the Project

The goal is to make the logo relatable to the event by expressing the idea of transitioning from old to new. The
map will display the downtown area in a clean and organized design. It will be informative to the viewer, show
details such as important locations, and show accuracy of the area. Any marketing items made will advertise the event in a visually appealing way, and be informative to the audience.

Project Outline

• Discuss ideas and concepts the client is looking for
• Create mock-ups of possible designs
• Create the designs
• Edit and finalize the designs
• Provide proofs for the client throughout the project
• Give the final products to the client


Description Hour Cost
Concept Development 1 $20
Design Development 17 $340
Final Designs After Proofing 2 $40
Total $400


Cost: A price has been agreed upon $400 for the completed project based on an hourly rate of $20, estimating 20 hours to complete. The Designer will keep track of the hours spent of this project as a record.

Final artwork: This will be submitted to the client by PDF, JPG, PNG, and/or EPS file so that the Client can use the logo, map, and marketing materials in various formats.

Printing: Printing costs are NOT included in the design fee, however, the Designer will assist in providing
design files consistent to the Client’s desired printing options. If the Client chooses to use the designer’s help, a separate signature will be displayed at the end of this contract to ensure correct agreement.

Proofs: The Designer will provide proofs to the Client throughout the project. It is the Client’s responsibility to read and accept these proofs. When given the final proofs for the project, the Client will be given a contract to sign, agreeing that the final design proof has been read and accepted. The Designer will not be responsible for any mistakes seen after this agreement. There will be a separate fee to fix this issue, which will be stated in the proof’s contract.

Rights: Upon full payment of all fees and costs, the rights to use this logo are granted to the Client listed

Credit: Designer may use the design in their portfolio.

Upon signature of both Client and Designer, the foregoing terms and conditions shall be valid and
binding upon the Client and Designer.

Client’s signature

Designer’s signature

The Client’s signature is requested below for the agreement upon the Designer’s assisting with the
printing process as stated above in the Terms and Conditions. In this agreement, the Client is
responsible for checking and accepting printed proof, which the Designer is not responsible for. If the
Client decides to opt out of this decision at any time, it must be clearly stated to the designer.

Client’s signature