Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook: Intelligence or Social Skills?

However, it also depends upon the type of business, as the case of Mark Zuckerberg has proven.

The purpose of this essay is to study the importance of intelligence and social skills for starting a successful company and working in an organization. Based on the case of Mark Zuckerberg and his famous Facebook, the essay compares the significance of intellectual versus emotional intelligence.

In most organizations, social skills are even more important than intelligence, especially in leading positions. It does not only help leaders to handle themselves but also to have positive rapport with colleagues and management. Understanding emotions of others and sympathizing with them allows workers with good social skills to interact effectively. Getting on well with employees can help the leader of a company to keep intelligent workers and make them feel comfortable in their working place. The level of social skills and emotional intelligence directly affects organizational performance. The first improve it and lead to success in business and career. Even if a person is smart and has a sharp mind, it does not necessarily mean that he or she can succeed, and it can even be counterproductive since such people tend to be closed in their minds and lose touch with emotions. However, the latter really result in success in life and work, because working in a team in an organization is about the ability to be in positive relationships with others. People with good social skills and developed emotional intelligence are more confident and gregarious and can easily build a team of co-thinkers around themselves. Even though Zuckerberg is considered not a very social person, his case proves that he has founded his company with a group of friends and co-thinkers.

Mark’s success was not accidental since he always had excellent computer knowledge and his intelligence helped him to create his own company. He went a long way to establish it, and his hard work combined with incredible intelligence led to success. All his life, Mark has been interested in computers and programming, and that is why, he has become an Internet entrepreneur. Zuckerberg has what he has spent all his life working on, and his success is fully deserved. Even though some people consider him a computer geek, it is due to his deep interest in computers that he has founded Facebook. Many other computer geniuses tried to create a similar social networking site, but because of Marks’ outstanding technical knowledge and expertise, he managed to beat them. Millions of people are computer-literate and have excellent computer skills, but only determined talents get to the top. Success did not come to Zuckerberg all of a sudden and was preceded by hard work and expertise in programming. There was definitely a piece of luck when Winklevoss brothers offered him cooperation and provided with a fantastic idea for his future social network. Still it was Zuckerberg, who had done all the work and created the site. Despite having a brilliant idea, Winklevoss brothers could not realize their project because they were not smart enough to do it without the help of a talented computer programmer.

The need to be as smart as Zuckerberg to start a company definitely depends upon the type of business. The computer industry is always about smart people, and good social skills alone will not help in creating sophisticated computer programs. However, balance is always important because in Zuckerberg’s case, the company was established with the help of friends, which means that social contacts are still very important. To run a successful business, it is important to be able to understand all aspects of work and control the workflow. Being a successful leader of a profitable organization definitely requires a high level of intelligence combined with proficient social skills. However, in marketing business, social contacts are even more important than intelligence, because the ability to get on well with clients and satisfy them is very important for company’s development. Those entrepreneurs, who can easily establish rapport with other people and are communicators, can develop their companies faster since they are good at attracting customers and creating a positive profile for their set-ups.

Both analytical conclusion and social skills are important for success in business. It is always necessary to have a balance between intellectual and social abilities. However, it also depends upon the type of business, as the case of Mark Zuckerberg has proven. Such spheres as computer and Internet technologies require mostly intellectual skills, while marketing business necessitates the development of excellent social skills.

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