Ritwik/Twik/Ritty V. Snake Robert

This is a Complaint Letter against Robert Snake Donaldson

Ritwik Bhatia
1054 Martin Place
Valley Stream, New York, 11580
Phone: 516-492-8710

April 16, 2014

Robert Snake Donaldson
666 Snake Avenue
Malverne Umpire, New York, 66666
Attn: Customer Service

Re: Complaint

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please give my concerns in this complaint letter your immediate attention.

My name is Matthew Maloney, certified Attorney in the state of New York. Please show your client this letter ASAP, so we can conduct a trial.


Robert Donaldson, for the entirety of senior year from 2013-2014, has snaked me over and over again.

In November, Robert said "you only want me to ask KF so you have someone to chill with". This above statement implies that I have no friends, and caused severe emotional damage.

On December 15th, I was rejected from Stanford, also caused by Robert.

In the end of March, I was snaked by another one of my very close friends, who hid something from me for 3 weeks. Had Rob not bunned one of my ideas prior, this snakage would likely not occur.

Finally, Robert and I both attend an AP Statistics class taught by Professor Edward Curran. Every week, the class is assigned at least one take-home quiz. Robert properly leeches on me for every quiz, and does not have the courtesy to say "good looks" or "thank you".

We will not agree to a settlement- this will indeed go to court. We have a handful of witnesses who can attest to Robert's snaking- including Gulchrist, The Wall, Matt Maloney, Johnny Brunges, Danny Cossu, "WE MADE IT".

Senior year has been a very tough time for me, and Robert has been the bane of my existence these last 10 months. As an American citizen, I am guaranteed rights protected by the Constitution. Each day I see Robert and interact with him, a little part of me dies. My right to freedom and peace slowly wane away, and I have come to my senses that this madness must end. THUS,

I would like 56,374,374,374 dollars in remunerations and reparations. The amount of damage Robert and his snaking has caused is priceless, and I will never be the same- But the above stated amount will help me follow the American dream.

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