Roommate Agreement With 2 Lessors

This is a personalized, NYC roommate agreement based on several similar generic documents found online.

Roommate Agreement between lease holder 1 , lease holder 2, and roommate

Address/Premises: address/premises

Lease Holders: lease holder 1 , lease holder 2 Roommate: roommate Landlord: landlord

Space to be Occupied by Roommate: Space to be Occupied by Roommate

Minimum Date/Term of Occupancy by Roommate: 6 months, month/day/year through month/day/year

Roommate Rent: $dollar amount p/month, includes heat, hot/cold water, electricity, high-speed wireless Internet service, access to/use of all common living areas (bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) and appliances, pots/pans, television, stereo, etc.

Payment Due at Start of Occupancy: 1 Month Rent ($dollar amount).
First month rent will be kept if the Roommate chooses to vacate the premises at any time during the first month. Roommate rent to be paid by check or cash by the 1st of each month.

Roommate and Lease Holder will keep the apartment reasonably clean. Dishes, flatware, pots and pans, etc. will not be left in the sink or elsewhere uncleaned after meals. Belongings/clothing will not be left on furniture or on the floor. The walls, furniture, rugs, etc. will be maintained in the approximate condition that they are found in upon the commencement of this agreement. Vacuuming, cleaning of floors, window sills, bathroom and kitchen, etc. will be shared and/or a cleaning service will be contracted and jointly paid for.

There will be no pets allowed.

Lease Holder and Roommate agree that either one may elect to end the Roommate’s occupancy of the premises at any time but will require at least 1 month’s notice to the other party in order to do so. Such a decision to end the occupancy will not require justification or be open to challenge by either party and will relinquish either party’s commitment to this agreement following the Roommate’s evacuation of the premises.

Lease Holder and Roommate agree that if the Roommate chooses to evacuate the premises before the minimum 6 month term is completed, and if the Roommate and Lease Holders are unable to find a replacement that is approved by the Lease Holders, then the Roommate will be responsible to pay the full $dollar amount per month for each month the room remains unoccupied until the completion of the 6 month term.

Agreed to by

Lease Holder 1  Date month/day/year

Lease Holder 2  Date month/day/year

Roommate  Date month/day/year

Attachment: Copy of Roommate’s State I.D. or Passport

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