Agreement For Coaching Services

This is a coaching contract for services rendered to those involved in the coaches corner.

Agreement For Coaching Services

  1. AGREEMENT: THIS AGREEMENT is for Step Into Your Full Power Coaching Services ("Agreement") is made of the agreement date set forth below by and between SELLER [Brad Harkema] and the BUYER [INSERT NAME]

2. SERVICES: The CONTRACTOR [Brad Harkema] shall provide the services provided below

- A personal page under the section [Coaches Corner] on

- One personal coaching session per week, CONTRACTOR may reschedule missed coaching sessions if needed

- Free access to weekly masterminds

- Training on sales funnel [Click Funnels] at the CONTRACTORS discretion

- Sales Training and/or access to sales training material at CONTRACTORS discretion

- Free pranic healing sessions at the CONTRACTORS [Brad Harkema] discretion [Must replace a coaching session for a healing session]

- Access to private coaches corner group chat

- Access to publish blog posts on blog section of website

- Opportunity for working with companies, retreats, or workshops [payments split evenly]

3. PAYMENT: BUYER [INSERT NAME] shall pay SELLER [Brad Harkema] agreed amount below with every service based sale rendered. All service based sales of BUYER must be done through

- BUYER keeps 80% of profits of ALL SERVICE BASED SALES

- Paid weekly on every Thursday by 11:59PM PST

- Must use payment processing system for all service based sales

4. TERM: BUYER [INSERT NAME] is in agreement with SELLER [Brad Harkema] that either party can terminate this contract at anytime through written consent. If the contract is terminated by either party benefits for both parties will be null and void. TERMS of contract are active starting on signature date.

SELLER [Brad Harkema] ________________

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