Assignment of a Patent from the Inventors to the Company (Assignee)

This document is used to assign ownership of an United States patent application from the inventors over to the company (assignee).


WHEREAS, we, First Inventor Name, residing at First Inventor Address, and Second Inventor Name, residing at Second Inventor Address, have invented one or more inventions (hereinafter referred to as "said invention(s)") disclosed in an application for Letters Patent of the United States titled Patent Title (hereinafter referred to as "said application"), said application having been filed on Filing Date, Application No. Application Number.

WHEREAS, Company Name, having its principal offices at: Company Address (hereinafter together with its successors and assigns referred to as "the Assignee"), is desirous of obtaining all right, title and interest in, to and under said invention(s) and said application.

NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable considerations, the receipt and sufficiency of which we hereby acknowledge, we have sold, assigned, transferred and set over, and by these presents hereby sell, assign, transfer and set over to the Assignee all right, title and interest in, to and under said invention(s) and said application, including the right to apply for any Letters Patent of the United States of America and in any and all foreign countries on said invention(s), and any and all other applications for Letters Patent on said invention(s), in whatsoever countries, including all divisional, renewal, substitute, continuation, continuation-in-part and convention applications based in whole or in part upon said invention(s) or upon said application, and any and all Letters Patent which may issue thereon in the United States and foreign countries, and any and all reissues, extensions, renewals, divisions, continuations or continuations-in-part of Letters Patent granted for said invention(s) or upon said applications, to the full term or terms for which said Letters Patent may be issued, and every priority right that is or may be predicated upon or arise from said invention(s), said application and said Letters Patent, the same to be held and enjoyed by the Assignee for its own use and benefit fully and entirely as if the same would have been held and enjoyed by us had this Assignment not been made. We hereby authorize the Assignee to file patent applications in any and all countries on any or all of said invention(s) in our names, or in its name, or otherwise as the Assignee may deem advisable, under the International Convention or otherwise.

We hereby authorize the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks of the United States, and any official of any other country empowered to issue patents, to record this Assignment, and to issue or transfer all said Letters Patent on said invention(s) to the Assignee as owner of all right, title and interest therein, or otherwise as the Assignee may direct, in accordance with the terms of this Assignment.

We hereby represent and warrant that we have the full right to convey the entire right and interest herein assigned, that there are no rights or interests outstanding inconsistent with the rights and interests granted herein, and that we will not execute any instrument or grant or transfer any rights or interests inconsistent with the rights and interests granted herein.

We hereby covenant and agree that we will, upon request of the Assignee, communicate to the Assignee any facts known to us relating to said invention(s) and the history thereof, testify in any legal proceeding, execute all lawful papers including without limitation all divisional, continuing and reissue applications and all rightful oaths and declarations, and generally do all further acts which may be deemed necessary by the Assignee to obtain and enforce proper patent protection for said invention(s) in all countries.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have executed this document on the date indicated below.

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