Styled Photo Session

Styled Wedding Photo Session Agreement

This agreement is between Client First & Last Name of Client Company Name hereinafter referred to as the "Client", and and Photographer First & Last Name of Photographer Company Name, hereinafter referred to as the "Photographer".

Entire Agreement: This agreement contains the entire understanding between the Client and the Photographer.

Amount agreed: $0.00 (fee waived, complimentary photo session). This fee is valid for up to one year once this agreement has been signed by the Client.

Booking Photo Session Date: The Client agrees to book the photo session date within one year from the date and time that this agreement has been signed by the Client. If the Client fails to book the photo session date within one year from the date and time that this agreement has been signed by the Client, then the Client forgoes booking the complimentary photo session.

Rescheduling & Re-Shoots: Request for rescheduling are granted only at the Photographer's discretion. If someone becomes ill, please call the Photographer as soon as possible to reschedule. The Photographer maintains the right to reschedule if needed due to inclement weather, illness, emergency, etc. After a second request to reschedule or if the session is not held within 60 days of original session date, the photo session waived fee is forfeited and current pricing will apply to the new session.

Unless there is an emergency situation or bad weather, we cannot reschedule sessions during the peak holiday season.

No shoes - If the Photographer shows up to the photo session and Client is more than 30-min late or does not show at all, the waived fee for the photo session is forfeited. If the Client wishes to reschedule the photo session after this, the Client will need to pay the current pricing in order to reschedule.

Re-shoots are granted only at the Photographer's discretion. A re-shoot requires that the Photographer deletes ALL of the proofs from the first session and shoot an entirely new session with entirely new proof set.

Photo Session Location: Client agrees to locate and secure a location for the photo session. Client agrees to obtain all necessary permits and payments for use of location. Client agrees to accept full responsibility and will not hold the Photographer liable for failure to obtain permits and make payments for use of location for photo session.

Photo Session Models: Client agrees to locate and secure model(s) for the photo session. Client agrees to pay any model fees and not hold the Photographer liable for any fees associated with the model working for the photo session. Client agrees to secure and pay all other costs for vendors associated with the model, including but not limited to, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, etc. Client agrees to being responsible for obtaining the necessary model release form and any other forms the Photographer requires the model(s) to sign prior to the photo session date. Client agrees to submit said forms to the Photographer prior to the date of the photo session.

Photo Session Styling & Decor: Client agrees to styling and decorating the set of the photo session. Costs associated with styling and decorating the location and set of the photo session will be covered by the Client. Client agrees to allow the Photographer to rearrange the styled shoot, decor, and other items as necessary in order to obtain the best imagery during the photo session.

Publishing and Credit: Client agrees to credit Photographer's Company Name when publishing images from the photo session in any capacity whether online, in print, on social media or any other media or non-media outlet where images are exposed to a public audience.

Copyright Law: The copyright of photographs remains with the Photographer. The Photographer grants the Clients permission to make copies of the images under the following conditions: the images taken by the Photographer are for personal use by the Client and vendors associated with the styling and execution of the photo session; Sale, Publication or any Commercial use of the photographs is not allowed without prior written permission from the Photographer. For publication and/or commercial use, the Client should indicate in writing prior to the photo session the intended publications the Client would like to share and publish the photos in. The Photographer reserves the right to refuse publication or commercial use of images from photo session in certain publications or commercial outlets.

Model Release: The Client grant the Photographer and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns, the irrevocable and unlimited consent to use the photographs of the Clients for editorial, competition, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner, to alter the photographs without restriction; and to copyright the images. The Clients hereby release the Photographer and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns from all liability and claims in connection with the images.

Limit of Liability: If a photographer is too ill or becomes injured and cannot supply the photography services specified above the Photographer will try to book a replacement photographer. Under normal circumstances a second photographer from the Photographer is typically scheduled to work the event and this photographer will then shoot the day on his/her own. If both photographers are unavailable and a replacement photographer cannot be found then liability is limited to rescheduling the date of the photo session. The Photographers have working methods in place to prevent loss or damage to images from the photo session. However, there is the unlikely possibility that images may be lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons in or beyond our control. In these circumstances liability is limited to the return of fees paid for the service or part thereof according to the percentage of images supplied.

Booking Fee/Deposit: It is up to the Photographer's discretion to determine whether to reschedule a photo session if by chance it is cancelled by the Client. This will be determined on a case-by-case method.

We have understood the contents of this contract and agree to the terms therein.

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