Sample Letter to Get Copies of the Documents the Identity Thief Used

This sample letter will help you get copies of the documents the identity thief used. The text in brackets indicates where you must customize the letter.

Remember to include copies of the applicable enclosures and save copies for your files.

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[Your name]
[Your address]
[Your city, state, zip]

[Name of company]
Attention: Fraud Department or Billing Inquiries
[Company address]
[City, state, zip code]

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a victim of identity theft. [Describe what happened. Include the kind of transaction(s), the amount(s), the date(s), and other details you know.] In accordance with section 609(e) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, please send me copies of business records relating to the fraud I described.

The law directs you to provide me with these documents for free and without requiring a subpoena within thirty days of getting my request. I have enclosed a copy of my Identity Theft Report and proof of my identity.

Please send me copies of all records relating to the fraud, including:

  • Account applications made on paper, online or by phone
  • Account statements or invoices
  • Records of payments or charge slips
  • Delivery addresses associated with the account[s]
  • All records of phone numbers used to activate or access the account[s]
  • Investigator’s report
  • All other documents associated with the account[s]

[If you want the company to give copies to a law enforcement officer, add this sentence: I authorize the law enforcement officer investigating my case to send this request on my behalf and/or to receive the copies of all records from you. The law enforcement officer’s name, address and telephone number is: [name, address, telephone].]

[Your Name]